Fashion Tea with Kristopher: Month of May 2019

Fashion Reverie hopes you are enjoying the mostly warm days of May, but now it’s teatime. Grab a chair and a plate of scones as Fashion Reverie pours some delicious tea for you.

Scandalous Tea

The news of Topshop going out of business has hit every major news headline by now, but not enough fingers are being pointed at Philip Green. While some are pointing to Topshop’s declining sales or less than stellar financial management, behind the scenes many are saying it was Green’s sexual picadilloes and cover ups that hurt the company.  Green and Harvey Weinstein could make very compatible bedfellows!!

Influential Tea

A prominent fashion non-profit has many in the industry scowling after a new president without the approval of the board of directors. This new president non-elect now has one of the most coveted positions in the fashion industry. Apparently, he was pushed to the top post by another top fashion figure. Wield your power!!

Fancy Tea

Things are looking tough for this French luxury brand as they are struggling to keep up with other French luxury brands. Their minimalist approach to style in an era where everyone is doing maximalism, streetwear, or tailoring in contributing to lagging sales. You can’t get by on a name recognition alone, consumer habits change too quickly.

Yesterday’s Tea

New York Fashion Week: Men’s (NYFWM) summer edition is practically dead. The event which has now aligned itself with the women’s resort calendar is already expecting record low attendance. Few international press and buyers are expected to attend, and even those editors on the domestic front are shocked by the bare bones list of shows and presentations. Unlike the winter shows, which follow right into the main NYFW, summer NYFWM’s doesn’t have that luxury, and most industry professionals are bowing out.

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