Editors’ Pick: Gorjue’s Food-inspired Lipsticks

Summer is the time to experiment with your personal style and how you present yourself to the world.  Off goes the hats, the big coats, scarves and mittens. And the outerwear is replaced by fashion that shows your body off, and hopefully tanned, fantastic looking skin.

Summer also conjures up the great bold colors and smells of warmer weather. Great floral scents, outdoor food festivals, the bold colors of carnivals and flora and fauna its peak!!

Why not match the vibrant, bold colors and aromatic smells of summer with your favorite summer lipstick. The brainchild of Maesa Koeber, Gorjue foodie-inspired lipsticks are cruelty-free, vegan lipsticks that make your lips nibble-worthy.  Did you notice that lovely color of tuna in your sushi roll last night?  Then Spicy Tuna Roll is your shade! Other colors include Salmon Nigiri, New York Hotdog, California Burger and Southern Fried Chicken.  All have a velvet feel, are opaque and moisturizing and are long wear.

The long-wearing lipsticks are also gluten-free, soy-free, glide on velvet smooth, is highly pigmented and opaque, and very moisturizing. And put your worries aside, you will not go around smelling like spicy tuna, hamburger, hotdogs, and fried chicken—some of foodie-inspired Gorjue lipsticks. All the lipsticks are infused with vanilla. So, you will smell and taste good.

Founded in 2017 in New York City, Gorjue represents the fusion of fashion, travel and food. And the Gorjue website features different fusions of makeup/fashion, food, and travel globally!

Images courtesy of Chic Execs

Gorjue’s food-inspired lipstick retail for $22 individually or as a bundle for $90 for the ‘Foodie Beauty Bundle’ or $120 for the Limited Edition ‘To Go’ set.

Food and fashion; it’s about time. Gorjue into beauty!!


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