Fashion Reverie Exclusive: Berry Boo, Doing It Her Way

Lady Gaga she aint, she’s something better, she is herself, Berry Boo.

In an industry that is oversaturated, it is extremely difficult to get market traction. Every record label is looking for the next best thing; the artist with that extra special something. Well, look no further, Berry Boo is in the house!!

From performing backup vocals from such top artists as Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Melonie Fiona, and Robin Thicke to branching out and creating her own solo projects, Berry Boo is ready to take the music world by storm. With the release of her chart-topping female-empowering hit “Gunz and Black Roses” from her EP “Clutch” to her recently released R&B single “Uncertainty,” Berry is posed to make her mark in the music industry.

Never apologetic about who she is and with a fashion style that is all her own, Berry Boo creates lyrics and performs on stage like there is no tomorrow. While on tour, Berry Boo graciously spoke with Fashion Reverie about her love of music, her personal style and her no-holes-barred bravura.

Fashion Reverie: How did you get the name Berry Boo?

Berry Boo: Berry is my last name. As a kid my last name was always made fun of. I was called berrylicious and all kinds of variations on my last name and my best friend always called me Boo or ended our conversations with calling me Boo. So, I took my last name and the affectionate nickname Boo and came up with Berry Boo.

FR: What is your musical background?

Berry Boo: I grew up in church and almost everyone in my family sings. I always listened to a lot of Motown, R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop, especially Hip Hop. So, you could say my musical background and taste is very blended.

FR: What musical artists inspire you and why?

Berry Boo: I always listened to Aretha Franklin. She is the diva of all divas. I also listened to Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot. I always have admired female rappers because I sing, and I rap.

FR: When did start singing background vocals, and how did that all come about?

Berry Boo: The legendary Ashford and Simpson had an open mike at their bar/club, The Sugar Bar. This was in 2009 before Nick Simpson passed away. I started singing at The Sugar Bar and from there, I started singing background for a lot of artists. People would hear me sing at The Sugar Bar and I would be asked to sing background which eventually turned into me singing background for major recording artists.

FR: Now, you are performed background vocals for such artists as Nicki Minaj, Melonie Fiona, Robin Thicke, and many others. What are some of the biggest challenges when singing background?

Berry Boo: I lot of people in the music industry don’t give background singers the respect they deserve. You really must learn how to blend your voice with other people. Also, now that I solo recordings and solo projects in the works people expect my music to be like people I have sung background for. I can only give you Berry Boo!!

This is a challenge for most background singers when they go solo or create sole projects. People in this industry want to put you in a box.

By the way, I still sing background for various artists. I love singing background and it has great for my career. It also pays well, and you get to travel the world at the expense of the label. It is wonderful to travel the world and get to do that.

FR: Who were some of your favorite artists to sing background for and, why?

Berry Boo: My favorite artist to perform background vocals for is Melonie Fiona and that is because I have witnessed her evolution and growth as an artist. I started singing background vocals for Melonie Fiona before she become a household name and before she scored a number one hit on Billboard. She is also won of the most humble and down to earth people you will ever meet. We became very close as I was touring with her. Most artists I have performed with have been wonderful.

FR: You recently transitioned from singing background to your own solo projects. What has that transition been like?

Berry Boo: I dropped my solo project in 2017, and when the project as first released it took a minute of folks to get used to me as a solo artist because they were so familiar with me doing background vocals. One of the challenges was being understood as an artist because my solo work is so different from my background vocal work. So, an adjustment has been made to accept me as someone so different from singing background and dancing behind established artists.

Once folks have came to my show they began to realize my intention and my creative point of view, so perceptions around who I am are changing. I know that I am sing, I am going to rap, I am going to dance some; and it’s all good.

FR: I love “Gunz and Black Roses.” How did you come up with the title “Gunz and Black Roses”?

Berry Boo: I wrote “Gunz and Black Roses” with my co-writer JJ (Jonathan Jennings). We’ve been working together for a very long time. We came up with the concept of “Gunz and Black Roses” together. The song is speaking from a woman’s perspective. It is about a woman being confident and knowing who she is and she’s telling a dude that she is not like the average woman.

 Most of the times you hear about a woman from a man’s perspective. This is the reverse, a woman is telling a man who she is.  And “Gunz and Black Roses” really showcases my vocal ability.

FR: Let’s talk about your new single, “Uncertainty.” You go from female empowerment in “Gunz and Black Roses” to a woman who hasn’t quite found herself in “Uncertainty.” Could you talk about that and what was the motivation behind “Uncertainty”?

Berry Boo: I wanted “Uncertainty to be about all the emotions women experience. I think women can identify with this song.  All women experience insecurities, whether they are insecure about a new job or career move or a new relationship, it is a challenge to adjust to new experiences. And sometimes women want to hold on to their former life or relationship, even if it’s not working.

“Uncertainty” has an R&B, soulful vibe. And I wanted to show that I am adept at singing R&B. People know I can sing pop and hip hop, and I wanted to demonstrate my versatility with “Uncertainty.”

FR: You wear a lot of provocative clothing in your videos and on stage. Where does your sense of style come from?

Berry Boo: My style is just who I am. I love a woman’s anatomy. I work out and stay in shape and I like showing off all my hard work in the gym in a tasteful way. I like to dress based on what my mood is. I am just having fun with fashion. I like to express myself through my clothing and I am expressing myself for me and no one else.

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FR: How would you describe your fashion style?Berry Boo: My fashion style is sexy with an edge. It is very street style. I was not to the manor borne, so I had to learn how to mix and match and find ways to develop my own signature look without spending a lot of money. I shop a lot of vintage stores and outlets.

FR: Now, that your pockets are deeper, who are some of your favorite designers?

Berry Boo: Interestingly, I sample product from emerging designers. I love Brooklyn Creative, Gifted Apparel, and Kicky Wicky. I am not big on name brand designers. Sometimes, I will purchase a garment and by the time I render that garment, sometimes die it a different color, it could be unrecognizable from the original garment. I also at a lot of boutiques in the East Village.

FR: What’s next for you?

Berry Boo: Right now, I am on a domestic tour. I did the Grammy’s this year. Things are popping up all the time and I am still in the studio creating new music.

Berry Boo is currently on her “Clutch” promotional tour in support of the recently released EP. Stops includes; Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Philadelphia.

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