Naeem Khan Bridal Spring 2020

Naeem Khan has his finger, and a lot more, on the pulse of where modern bridal collections should be. Influenced by an article in The New York Times, as a part of their New York International Bridal Week spring 2020 season pre-coverage, that extolled the need for bridal designers to be more aware of the fact that the modern bridal customer is in the market for something that goes beyond fairytale, princess bridal gowns. Khan took notice of this and adjusted his spring 2020 bridal collection accordingly.

Still, Naeem Khan’s bridal collections have always been far more than conventional princess wedding gowns. Khan’s bridal collections have always played and frolicked on the side of sexiness and romantic abandon, and was never a concoction of whimsical, dreamy princess bride fare.

That said; for spring 2020 Khan did stray away from his penchant for overly embellished gowns, some of which could serve someone well at a discotheque or on a red carpet. There were more traditional bridal silhouettes in his current bridal collection with the embellishments appearing more on the veils than the bridal gowns themselves.

That said; thankfully not every look in this collection was traditional bridal fare. There were adequate amounts of bridal cocktail dresses, low exposing décolletage dresses, bridal gowns with statement sleeves, and one halter lace and sequined embellished jumpsuit that was to die for.

Photos courtesy of UK Maracaibo Photography

With this bridal collection, Naeem Khan did not score any points for innovation and originality. However, when it comes to versatility, Khan, perhaps, outdid his many bridal competitors with his range of looks and bridal silhouettes. Variety is the spice of life.—William S. Gooch

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