Nicholas Mayfield Fall 2019

All bad controversy brings good publicity; well, sometimes. At Los Angeles Fashion Week, Nicholas Mayfield took the bull by the horns. “A black man created all this commotion,” stated Khyran Shank, local multi-talented artist. Leave it to Nicholas Mayfield to never shy away from art that best explains his life revelations.

“Nicholas Mayfield will be debuting the piece that was copied by Gucci” whispered Ann, an LAFW volunteer. 2019 is promising to be the year that high end luxury brands and designers have challenged consumer loyalty. Mayfield’s bold contemporary designs and “happy art” create a worldwide vision of intent and purpose. #SupportTheRealArtist. After a recent Instagram clapback at Gucci for stealing his designs, Mayfield debuted a collection that spoke volumes to the artists who have, and still are, having their work copied without proper recognition.

Nicholas Mayfield’s fall 2019 collection was by far the most anticipated show at Los Angeles Fashion Week. Not only a designer, but a true artist, Mayfield’s unique and diverse form of expression is an ode to kaleidoscope colors, graffiti aesthetic and Afro-American culture. From artistic canvas, furniture and unconventional pieces, Mayfield’s front row access included quirky social messages, an acrobatic performance, and his twenty-plus eccentric guests.

Mayfield has made a statement in the fashion industry for his diverse interpretations and pop culture hand-paintings. Revealing the evolution of past generations, Mayfield’s repurposed pieces embrace diversity, the “15 minutes of fame” era, Black History Americana, and the American Dream.

Photos courtesy of Nicholas Mayfield

As the hottest old school jams played in the background, Mayfield transformed the runway to the ultimate experience; integrating his intimate behind the dreams preparation and widescreen fashion film. Leaving no color untouched, Mayfield’s color palette was colorful and fun with the focus on his first love as a kid, art.The first look of the collection featured a popular-by-demand oversized streetwear puffer coat. As the collection continued, his evolution evolved to hand-painted models as butterflies and head-to-toe prints and patterns.

—Courtney S. Wilkins

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