Meghan Markle Turns her Pregnancy into a Fashion Statement

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Meghan Markle is one of the most watched women in the world. She made history by being the first woman of color in modern history to marry into Great Britain’s royal family. She has beauty, grace, she’s the Duchess of Sussex, and perhaps, a situation that carries more weight, she’s currently with child. Meghan Markle went from a role on USA Network’s “Suits” to a woman who is constantly in the press. And when her pregnancy was announced, it was the news item heard around the world.Many were entranced with the idea of the royal family adding to their potential line of succession. Although it is unlikely that Harry will ever be King of England, the fascination with any addition to the royal family’s lineage is as entrenched in British society as fish and chips. As the world anticipates for her delivery date, all eyes are on something in the intermittent time: The Duchess’ fashion choices.

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While Markle’s fashion choices have been under public scrutiny ever since she began dating Prince Harry, her fashion choices came under more scrutiny during her wedding and when she began making appearances as an official member of the royal family. Her ability to cause an item to sellout instantly with one photograph is unparalleled; a feat only rivaled by the Duchess of Windsor Kate Middleton. With a growing baby bump in tow, women around the world were watching Meghan Markle to see how she would do baby bump style.Meghan Markle could be expected to get away with sweatpants once she outgrew her tailored dresses. (After all, she is from across The Big Pond.) Being a commoner and an American aside; a level of high fashion is an expectation from Meghan, and she has managed to do what few women could do, make pregnancy fashionable.

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In a recent appearance last month for Commonwealth Day Service, the Duchess of Sussex arrived at Westminster Abbey in a printed Victoria Beckham dress, a cream coat, and a pillbox hat reminiscent of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. The dress was a nod to her honoring British designers.Meghan has also been cautious as to not bring constant attention to the fact she is with child. Coats have become a bigger part of her wardrobe. On the same Commonwealth Day last month, she was photographed attending Canada House in a matching coat and dress from Erdem. Coats have long been used by women to downplay their pregnancy, and in some cases conceal a pronounced baby bump. With her due date slowly approaching, coats have become more important than ever to the Duchess’ wardrobe.

One of the most shocking things about the Duchess’ pregnancy style though has been her choice of footwear, as he is still in her signature pumps and doesn’t appear to be putting them down anytime soon. Her footwear choices have included pumps from Aquazurra to Manolo Blahnik.

Crafting the image of a pregnant royal isn’t new to the modern royal family, however. They have successfully accomplished this with Duchess of Windsor Kate Middleton during her pregnancies with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Through it all, Kate never lost her near impeccable sense of style, grace, poise and glamour.

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Meghan Markle has managed to send a message to the world that pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to give up fashion for nine months of your life. Pregnancy could be an opportunity to explore maternity chic. Meghan Markle is helping to write the glamour page on maternity style, and as usual, her fashion cues are catching like wildfire.

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