George Lewis Finds the Beauty Within through Spiritual Illumination

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As climates become more temperature and we began to shed all the layers of swaddling clothes that protect us from winter’s chill, we begin to take more notice of our bodies and our skin. Many of us will spend more time in the gym to get rid of the extra winter pounds, and some others will look to make visage more vibrant, and even more youthful. Most of us don’t consider or inner spiritual journey as we consider how to present ourselves to the world, particularly as the weather warms.  George Lewis is deeply aware of how our spiritual awareness can transport us to a place of peaceful maturity, or the lack thereof places us out of balance.George Lewis has found the balance and with great joy and sensitivity he uses his creative and spiritual gifts to bring out the best in his clients and artistic subjects. And those artistic subjects have included Valentino, Tea Leoni, the Queen Mother of Bhutan, and a long list of dignitaries and celebrities.

George Lewis lovingly spoke with Fashion Reverie about his art, his healing practice and how he integrates the two.

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Fashion Reverie: Have you always painted?

George Lewis: I have always painted; however, I like to look at that question through the lens of one who understands many past lives and has been creative in many past lives. I started painting very early on by the age of seven or eight, and I was very good at painting.

FR: Did you study art?

George Lewis: I started painting at the different boarding schools I attended. They always had art classes available as a part of the curriculum. That said; I never formally studied art. My focus of study was politics and philosophy. I always did art and I was always very good at it. I would win exhibitions. But I never studied it formally; isn’t that bazaar?

FR: But it’s good you had some training at boarding school.

George Lewis: I wouldn’t call it training, per se. I just took art classes as a part of the school’s curriculum. I was very good at drawing and copying things and I am a very good observer. I would even attempt to copy the great masters. When you copy the masters, you begin to understand light and form. Additionally, I had very good mentors in school.

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FR: There are a lot of portraitures in your work. How do you pick your subjects?

George Lewis: Sometimes I seek my subjects out and sometimes they seek me out. I remember one time when I painted the former president of Nigeria. I had previously met him at the United Nations. We immediately hit it off and honestly, I didn’t know who he was at first. Up to that point, I wasn’t painting a lot of portraits. When I first met him had on this beautiful bold-colored outfit and was enamored of what he was wearing and went up to him and struck up a conversation.  I told him I was a painter, and he invited me to paint him. I didn’t know who he was until much later.

I went to his hotel room and there he was with an entourage of about thirty people. He asked them to leave and I started exploring his archetypal astrology, something I do with all my subjects before I paint them. Anyway, I painted his portrait and he loved it so much, he asked me to present to him at the opening of his foundation in London in front an audience of 2000 people.

Many political leaders seek me out because they love my work. However, I usually seek out spiritual leaders to paint because I am inspired by their spiritual vision.

FR: Why merge your spiritual predilections with your art?

George Lewis: I feel there is no separation between art and spirituality. In the 20th Century we have tried to intellectually separate the two. The Cartesian view is the separation of mind and body. I don’t agree with that. I believe we are integrated human beings of mind, body, and spirit with the spirit being at the core of who we are.  We are traveling souls having a human experience.

We have many incarnations before this moment, and we will have many after this present time. The artist is the archetype of the mystic. The artist is here to shine light on the truth of the human condition.  The rebellion of the 20th Century was about the separation of the body, mind, and soul and ignoring the sacred. I don’t mean the sacredness of organized religion, but the sacredness of your soul.

FR: When you choose a subject for your art, what are you trying to capture?

George Lewis: I like to capture light which can emanate from outside of my subject or come from within. So, when I am painting, I am reveling in the beauty of the world and all of God’s creation. Light is about the beauty of the planet, especially when it hasn’t been abused my humankind. When I study light, I can get closer to beauty and the divine in all of humankind.

I believe that art is healing and can help with transformation. If we can heal what is within than we certainly heal what is on the outside.

FR: Where are your paintings currently showing and do you have any exhibitions coming up?

George Lewis: I have an exhibition in Tannersville, NY in about a month. There is a gallery there, Say What Gallery, that likes to exhibit my work. I also have an upstate studio and healing space up there in The Catskills. My water paintings can be seen at the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY.  I will be showing in London in the fall of 2019.

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FR: You are also a healer. Which healing modalities do you use?

George Lewis: I am an astrologer and I do natal charts and I tie that in with what is going on in global events and how that can affect someone based on their natal astrology. I also practice synergistic astrology which helps people working out some challenges, identifying where the pitfalls could be and what they should focus on.

Spirituality is at the epicenter of what I do as an artist. I am currently working on a new project where I am painting a work that expresses the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. I am putting the spiritual language properly into the art. I am trying to integrate the spiritual language while I am creating the work, not inserting it in later, as I normally do. This will be a real challenge for me.

FR: Could you talk about your healing work with Tibetan bowls?

George Lewis: I have been to Bhutan five or six times. Bhutan is in the southern part of Tibet, but it is a separate country. It is high up in the Himalayas. I learned from some of the Tibetan monks in Bhutan how to use Tibetan bowls as a healing art. I am qualified as a Tibetan bowl healer through a course I took in the US.

I have integrated this healing modality into my astrology readings. This whole process is about an hour and a half. I use the bowls to help stimulate the charkras. It is a great healing tool to bring equilibrium to the mind, body, and soul.  You can work on any part of the body with this healing modality. The sounds from the bowls create very sacred vibrations which integrate and heal.

Working within the collective can help the individual self-sovereign. The individual within the vibration of the collective generates well-being and joy.

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FR: Where does this interest in the healing arts come from?

George Lewis: This is my reincarnation in this time period. I have been the healing arts in many, many past lives. It is my natural soul imprint and journey. This is my soul contract.

FR: You have an office on the Upper Westside where you integrate your healing arts with conventional medicine. Could you talk about that?

George Lewis: I collaborate with several doctors who are specialist in their field. I here to remind people that if you are going to get better who must do the spiritual work as well. You cannot just use medical technology to heal. At the end of the day, medical technology is only going to work best when you have a spiritual journey.

I am not doing what the doctors are doing. They are medical practitioners who have studied at medical schools. I am very respectful of Western medicine and it can treat disease states very well. However, Western medicine is driven by market forces. That said; when you are doing with healing, market forces should not be in control.

Doctors that are work with have the medical technology and they send patients to me before they apply the technology so that spiritual side is awakened, and the medical technology works better.

FR: What is next for you?

George Lewis: I really don’t know and that is fine with me because I am guided by the spirit.

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