Spring 2020 Bridal Sketches Preview

Fashion Reverie prides itself on providing its viewers with inside information that they sometimes cannot find anywhere else. With New York International Bridal Week being only a few days away, Fashion Reverie’s staff has curated some select bridal sketches from the upcoming spring 2020 season.

From the accompanying sketches, viewers will observe that the 2020 bridal season promises to be a fantastic season. Enjoy!!

Sketch image courtesy of THEIA

THEIA is one of the bridal brands that Fashion Reverie anticipates every season. Creative Director Don O’Neill every season creates bridal collections that are both innovative and consumer friendly. For the spring 2020 season, Don O’Neill continues his penchant for light, ethereal bridal gowns. And in a nod to the brand’s namesake, THEIA the goddess of light, the spring 2020 collection is similarly ethereal, utilizing a Grecian design aesthetic with hints of floral vines and laurel motifs.

Image courtesy of Atelier PR

Francesca Miranda has set a standard for beautiful bridal gowns that speak to that bride who is looking for glorious expression of majesty. For the spring 2020 season, the bridal brand embraces whimsical romance with a touch of springtime elements expressed in vine embellishments with dipping décolletage and off-shoulder design elements.

Image courtesy of marthastewartweddings.com

An all-time favorite of Fashion Reverie, Ines di Santo for the spring 2020 season looked to fantasy and a fairy-tale world for her inspiration. “Our bride spends time in a shimmering lunar garden filled with celestial wonder. She dances through branches with fluorescent blossoms,” explained di Santo. Let celestial beauty reign!!

Image courtesy of marthastewartweddings.com

Those industry professionals who did not enjoy the privilege of attending Justin Alexander Signature fall 2019 bridal show last October missed a glorious bridal collection. This season Justin Alexander Signature spring 2020 collection promises to be just as exciting. The collection draws inspiration from the “transformative nature of spring,” explains Justin Alexander.

Image courtesy of marthastewartweddings.com

If there are adjectives that could describe Mira Zwillinger, the words sublime sophistication and definitive charm fit the bill. And that just a few adjectives. If you have ever attended a Mira Zwillinger bridal show, you immediately understand that Mira Zwillinger is pushing the proverbial envelope without hitting consumers over the head with her design aesthetic.For spring 2020, the design duo at Mira Zwillinger was inspired by the power of wish making. “… Our wish was to incorporate technology outside the fashion world to create something new and innovative,” details Mira.

Image courtesy of Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan is credited for reinventing the modern bridal gown. Every season Naeem Khan includes sequined jumpsuits, sweat suits, and even an occasional athleisure wear garment. And the genius in Khan’s bridal collection is that though many of the bridal garments could double as eveningwear, they work equally well as bridal wear with Naeem Khan’s special touch. This sketch from Khan’s spring 2020 collection reveals that there will be more than white gowns in the collection, probably some pastels, and there will romance galore with a dose of Khan’s version of va va voom.

Image courtesy of HL Group

New to Fashion Reverie this bridal season is MORILEE by Madeline Gardner. The reference of desert beauty carries over from the fall 2019 bridal collection to this spring 2020 collection. “Through the wind and sand, the silhouette of simple, structured shapes will capture the natural spirit of the bohemian bride.”


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