Fashion News Alert: Tommy Hilfiger Closes Fifth Avenue Flagship, Pharrell Williams Collaborates with Chanel Again, Rita Ora’s New Collab, and L’Officiel Russia Set to Relaunch

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Pharrell Williams has had a relationship with Chanel for several years now. Williams caps off this established relationship by designing a capsule collection for Chanel with Williams starring in this capsule collection’s campaign. Top models Soo Joo Park, Yoon Young Bae, Adesuwa Aighewi, Alton Mason, and Anok Yai will also appear alongside Pharrell Williams in the video.The Chanel-Pharrell collection contains about 40 items, with 12 being ready-to-wear pieces that marry Chanel’s signature motifs with the American rapper’s urban vibe. In accordance with Chanel’s long-standing tradition of borrowing from men’s wardrobes, this capsule collection also follows suit. This capsule collection will include short and long dresses, tee shirts in a range of colors, jewelry, sunglasses, leather goods, and a selection of shoes including sneakers, and mules.

The Chanel-Pharrell collection will be available in a select Chanel stores globally from April 4.

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Tommy Exits Fifth Avenue

As brick and mortar stores continue to struggle in the US, Tommy Hilfiger closes its Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. Hilfiger will also close its store in Miami located on Collins Avenue.

“In line with our strategic objective to further reach and engage with digitally-savvy North American consumers, we will focus on next generation retail experiences and partnerships to stay ahead of today’s continuously changing shopping habits and preferences,” said Tommy Hilfiger CEO Daniel Grieder in an official statement given to “This means we are reshaping our retail landscape in North America, closing the New York City Fifth Avenue Tommy Hilfiger store and the Tommy Hilfiger store on Collins Avenue in Miami, Florida.” 

“Leveraging our Store-of-the-Future concepts rolled out in the global retail landscape, going forward, North America will be the lighthouse region to develop and test new modular, digitally-infused retail concepts,” Grieder continues. “We continue to invest in and the ongoing expansion of strong wholesale distribution partners that keep consumers at the heart of our brand.”

Tommy Hilfiger’s Fifth Avenue Flagship store opened in 2009. Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in recent years has experienced several major brick and mortar closings which include Lord & Taylor, Henri Bendel’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Ralph Lauren’s Polo flagship store.

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Rita and Escada

In celebration of Escada’s signature ‘Heart’ bag, Escada has teamed up with Rita Ora for a new take on the ‘Heart’ bag created in Rita Ora’s favorite shad of bright, bold red.

“I loved the history of Escada. I really did my research, looking at all the campaigns and looking at the consistency, what the thread was, in everything that Escada did. It was confident women, independent women, strong women. I loved the bold colors that they used to use. It was a risk, and I wanted to bring that history and heritage back. Red was the thread that I saw. It’s their trademark color [with] the gold Escada logo, so I wanted to do everything red. It’s my favorite color too (my favorite lip color). It represents strength, passion, sexuality, confidence, anything—you name it! It’s a very bold color, and if I was to do something with them, I wanted it to feel bold, confident, and strong. So, I thoughtlet’s just dip it all in red,explained Ora as detailed in a article.

Rita Ora is a native of Kosovo and escaped to London as a child so that her family could get away from the internal conflicts in her native country. That said; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Escada’s ‘Heart’ bag will go to Women for Women International, an organization that funds classes and training programs for women in conflict-bruised countries like Kosovo. “I recently spoke to the prime minister, and a lot is happening, but [economic] progress is also slow; it’s a fresh war,” says Ora, also a UNICEF ambassador, of the Kosovo War’s aftermath. “All I can do is bring awareness to it and do something to help them get back on their feet.”

Escada’s Heart Bag by Rita Ora retails for $1,195 and is available in stores and online.

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L’Officiel Russia is on its way back

If you’ve following all the controversy surrounding L’Officiel Russia, you will be aware that the magazine has shut down. Well, it appears that L’Officiel Russia is on its way back.

L’Officiel Russia is set to relaunch both its print and digital editions with its print editions to transition to a three-issues a year. The first print edition is due to come out in August 2019 with Edward Dorozhkin acting as editor-in-chief for both the print and digital editions.

L’Officiel Russia was acquired from its former owner Vladimir Pomukchinsky by ACMG Group in 2014. However, in 2018 Vladimir Pomukchinsky sued ACMG Group, challenging the 2014 acquisition. Pomuchinsky won his lawsuit. During the process of the legal action L’Officiel Russia was shut down.

—William Gooch

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