Laquan Smith Fall 2019

After almost a decade in fashion, Laquan Smith is hitting his stride. And his fall 2019 collection demonstrated that the path Laquan Smith has chosen for himself is the right path for his brand.

Laquan Smith was much heralded for his formal debut collection in 2010 by the esteemed Andre Leon Talley, there was a lot of anticipation and excitement of where this talented designer would go. Fashion pundits who felt that Smith had abandoned his initial point of view for a more urban, ghetto fabulous aesthetic heavily criticized later collections. While that may have been true, Smith continued to design garments that his growing consumer base wanted to wear.

For this eponymous fall 2019 collection, Laquan Smith was inspired by Hilary (Karyn Parsons) from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and what she would be wearing now if she were a fashion diva. Realize that this is Laquan Smith’s version of what a 2019 Hilary of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” would be wearing. (Hilary character might be wearing garments along the line of Proenza Schouler, Bibhu Mohapatra or Cushnie.)

Laquan Smith’s collections are always for that powerful urban woman that wants to noticed and is not afraid of flaunting her sexual charms. This collection expands that design aesthetic and amps up the volume of sexiness and sensuality.

Laquan Smith found an ingenious way to make plaid and trench coats look sexy. With the trench coats there was no need for a sexy reveal. Smith’s trenches were tailored to an inch of the life of the garment, really highlighting a woman’s curves.

There were also lots of miniskirts in this collection; micro mini, in fact. And Smith selected that right models with that extra element of va va voom to pull off his brand of bold sexiness. Though the brand could have done without the very sheer leopard catsuit!!

If there was one drawback to this collection, and there were a few questionable moments, it was Smith’s placing this collection solidly in the area of urban fashion. Lots of women want to be sexy and attention grabbing, but Smith’s hyper sexy collection may not appeal to women outside of urban or international fashion markets.

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Still, Laquan Smith has found his fashion stride. And fashion critics be damned, he is making it work!!William S. Gooch

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