Hakan Akkaya Fall 2019

 Glam Rock is back!! If you are old enough to remember the New York Dolls, Ziggy Stardust (early 70s David Bowie), the Glitter Band, Gary Glitter, or early Elton John, you know there was time where rockers had long hair, were lots of glittery stage makeup and wore shiny, sparkly tight clothes while they sometimes sang in a falsetto or screamed loudly about love, sex, and rock n’ roll.

We cannot exactly bring that era back, as much fun as the fantasy was—remember music taste have drastically changed—but, the fashion of that era is back with a vengeance. Glam rock fashion reigned at Michael Kors, Paco Rabanne, Faith Connexion, Rick Owens fall 2019 collections, as well as Phillip Plein’s resort 2019 collection. Add to that esteemed list, Hakan Akkaya’s fall 2019 collection.

Not a stranger to New York Fashion Week, this was Hakan Akkaya’s third outing at NYFW: The Shows (NYFS). And in this fall 2019 outing, Akkaya demonstrated that he has the ability to take a retro trend and elevate it a modern distillation of style with a fashion-forward sensibility.

Though Hakan Akkaya’s fall 2019 collection is not for that timid, shrinking violet—there are lots of statement-making pieces in this collection—there were some great separates that could be easily mixed and matched for that consumer that wanted to be fashion forward, but was not looking to overwhelm.

There was lots of silver metallic and shiny black in this collection with touches of pink and other pastel colors through in to balance out the looks. There was also a range of black and white and bold-striped faux fur coats in the collection.

Still, this collection is really for the adventurous consumer who is not afraid to look like they are in a perpetual state of being in route of a rock concert or the main act. Restraint be damned, pull out all the stops and let fantasy be your guide.

Photos courtesy of The Bromley Group

And though there were some fantastic women’s looks in this collection, it was the menswear garments that might have the most retail appeal. Particularly, if that male consumer lives on the edge and is not reticent about making a statement. The women’s looks are lot more niche and perhaps are more limited in their appeal to a wider consumer base.But all that doesn’t really matter. NYFWS needs more fantasy collections like this. In a season where most collections didn’t register on the fashion Richter scale, Hakan Akkaya certainly caused fashion heartbeats to amp up.

Standout looks in the collection, and there many, includes Hakan Akkaya’s men’s silver metallic parachute coat—can you say Norma Kamali?—pewter, shoulder-padded bodysuit, men’s black velvet tuxedo jacket with quilted, silver metallic padding, silver and pewter jogging suit, and off-the-shoulder velvet jumpsuit with sequin-embellished thunderbolt.

The Blonds eat your heart out. You’ve got competition!!

—William S. Gooch

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