Robert Geller Fall 2019

Almost more than any other menswear designer, Robert Geller finds inspiration and nuance from some of the most unusual sources and references. For his fall 2018 collection, Geller drew from memories of his life in Hamburg, Germany and the joy of hanging out with his friends. He married that youthful reminiscence with Olympic outfits of the 1980s, and Germany army sportswear apparel.This outing was in direct opposition to Geller’s fall 2017, the year of his 10th anniversary. For that collection, Geller shrouded his models in dark symbols of protest and rebellion, as though dystopia had already arrived.

For his fall 2019 collection, the Tibetan mountain climbers inspired Geller and the clothes layering required in such frigid temperatures. Though this is an interesting reference point, it is not unique. References to mountain wear and hiking has been used by many menswear designers in the past—Gilded Age created a beautiful, modern distillation on hiking and mountain apparel in their fall 2012 collection.

That said; Robert Geller did not stop with conjuring up images of mountain hiking apparel. Geller ingeniously combined layered mountain hiking clothes with the dyeing of different textiles techniques that are incorporated into one garment. Working with his Japanese team, they found a way to properly dye nylon, wool, and cotton with all those textiles combined in one garment.

In this fall 2019 collection, Geller also collaborated with athleisure wear company Lululemon on 12 pieces entitled “Take the Moment” that are injected into the collection. The purple line on the headgear distinguishes the Robert x Lululemon garments. With this collaboration, Robert Geller celebrates the marriage of function, performance, and style.

What is the most obvious brilliance of this collection is Geller’s ingenious layering of not only fabrics, but blending the layering into one cohesive look. Unlike many designers where the individual layering garments can be  mixed and matched, Geller created looks that completely standalone as individual fashion ideas. There is no need to pair any of his layering items with something else in the collection or other collections. And though Geller tends to go for more somber color combinations in most of his collections, this season his pops of color complimented his usual somber color palette.

Photos courtesy of Khora Consulting

Standout looks in the collection are the Leopold jacket with Sigmund pant, the Yuri Vest with moon traveler pant, the “Take the Moment” collared long sleeve with “Take the Moment” Jogger, and the Sigmund bomber with the Roberto pant.—William S Gooch

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