Son Jung Wan Fall 2019

With Son Jung Wan you know that there is always going to be lots of combinations of fabrics and a wide color palette. Sometimes Son Jung Wan’s combination of fabrics and colors work, other times it is disjointed. Still, there is lots of imagination. It is almost as if the experimentation never stops and continues onto the runway in a product that is not finished. And sometimes that is good thing, other times it might look messy.

Son Jung Wan’s fall 2019 collection was adventurous, bold, and messy. And for the most part that was the charm of the collection. Inspired by the “romantic mood of retro art and culture,” this “Romance Returns” collection will cause consumers to glance back at silhouettes that were very popular in the early 1970s, a trend that was most evident in the collections of Michael Kors, Cynthia Rowley, Nanette Lepore, and others.

Though there was a boxiness to many of the silhouettes in the collection, the padded shoulders to conjure up images from the early 70s when many fashion designers were referencing the 1940s. The boxy shoulders were best in Son Jung Wan’s jumpsuits which were to die for, and those jumpsuits were the most successful looks in this outing.

As the liner notes of this collection denoted, Son Jung Wan has set her own unique standard in the use of edgy fabrics. And in this collection, Wan’s utilization and combinations of faux fur, checkered prints, flower prints, embroidered fabric, sequins, and velvet, though in line with the brand’s signature aesthetic, really demonstrated a continuing evolution of the brand.

Continuing along that fashion projection, Son Wang Wan mixed faux fur, sequins and ruffles with a combination of bold oranges, blues and greys, creating a unique color palette, symbolizing the romantic mood of retro art and culture. This mélange of color and fabrications worked best when Wan minimized the mixing and matching, revealing how beautiful and reflective her work can be.

Images courtesy of Deborah Hughes, Inc./Rodin Banica

Compared to the brand’s spring 2019 collection, the fall 2019 collection is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work!!—William S. Gooch

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