NONIE Fall 2019

Ethical fashion is obtaining a stronger presence in fashion. There was even a Vegan Fashion Week for the fall 2019 season at the same time as New York Fashion Week: The Shows (NYFWS).

For fall 2019 NONIE made its debut at NYFWS. Based out of Canada, NONIE is known for its ethical approach of fashion seen through the lens of a tailored, refined aesthetic with an Eastern twist. This East meets West design aesthetic approaches fashion from a minimalistic point of view injected with an East Indian menswear point view.

Launched in 2008, NONIE’s creative director Nina Kharey has solidly placed her fashion brand as a part of Canada’s, and more specifically Vancouver’s, hierarchy of fashion-forward fashion brands. And with the brand’s debut Kharey is hoping to get more market traction in the US after much acclaim in Canada.

That said; NONIE’s initial showing during NYFWS was notable, but not groundbreaking. However, breaking the mold is not what Nonie is known for. Though beautifully and artfully designed, Nonie’s debut did not quicken fashion pulses.

Perhaps, the challenge for NONIE in presenting during NYFWS is using a runway format for its debut. A presentation format would have been a better choice, where fashion industry professional could have witnessed the fall 2019 collection up close and personal, easily observing the brand’s workmanship and charm.

Images courtesy of Matte Nordstrom

Still, Kharey did make some significant strides by revealing a collection that was ingeniously designed around relaxed draping and accessible separates. An injection of a wider range of vibrant colors would have helped the collection. Kharey should distance herself from “Brady Bunch” color palette that only helped to mute the collection.For that female consumer that looking for a relaxed casual wear with a variety of silhouettes and separates that can be mixed and matched, NONIE has a lot to offer. Standout in the collection include long, black gowns trimmed with lace, and fur coats of animal prints, as well as fantastic trench coats.

—William S. Gooch

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