Grungy Gentleman Fall 2019

Like so many brands, Grungy Gentleman is tapping into collaborations. Grungy Gentleman’s creative director Jace Lipstein realizes that with multiple collaborations he is accomplishing a lot of task and expanding is customer base in one blow.

For its fall 2019 collection Grungy Gentleman collaborated with eight collaborators including footwear with Pony, bikes with Schwinn, bags with Footaction, hats with New Era and NBA, slides with Giza, apparel with Renzo Cardoni, Pendleton, and Clinton Hall. The depth and wealth of these collaborations produce a fall 2019 collection that was more vibrant with a stronger design aesthetic than in previous collection.

Grungy Gentleman has established itself as a men’s sportswear brand with deep roots with professional sports team. That said; this affiliation with sports teams continues with sports figures mixed into the runway show along with male models. “[Sports figures] Dave East and Styles P embody everything the Grungy brand wanted this show to be about– an ode to New York City– the grit, the grind, the inimitable style and presence of those who came up here, and the power of collaboration across different generations and categories,” said Ali Moon, talent booker for the show.

Photos courtesy of Grungy Gentleman

Creative director Jace Lipstein expanded the brand’s design aesthetic by included the wider color palette of peach and red accents. These new color accents complimented the brand’s signature aesthetic of color-blocked cotton workout gear with stripes and piping on legs and arms. Lipstein additionally found an ingenious way to incorporate plaids and denim into the brand’s design aesthetic this season.

Good job Jace; continue expanding your sportswear aesthetic!! Just a tip, next season a bit more order and less chaos at your show will serve your fans and fashion industry professionals better. Remember, fashion reviews still matter!!

—William S. Gooch


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