Self-Portrait Fall 2019

Self-Portrait designer Han Chong, otherwise known as Mr. Self-Portrait, has created a brand best known for its femininity, floral patterns, colors, frills, and ruffles. The brand, perhaps, is fashion’s ultimate feminine expression. While it didn’t quite tread the line of maximalism, the fall 2019 collection was definitely colorful and fun. However, for fall 2019, Chong scaled back the brand’s design aesthetic quite a bit and decided to do his take on minimalism.

The first look featured was an asymmetrical, black jumpsuit modeled by none other than Hanne Gaby Odiele. Odiele is a model, street style star, and an advocate for the intersex community. As brands work to have a social justice component to their designs, Odiele was an excellent choice for expanding the idea of what it means to be a Self-Portrait customer. She doesn’t need to be a typical girly girl with a love for patterns and frills, but, rather, represents a diversified group with varying tastes.

This season, Chong worked on streamlining his silhouettes so that garments had a more classic projection. A tuxedo lapel collar jumpsuit in black suit happily married the world of the vintage with the modern tastes. A sequin cocktail dress was on trend, with sequins ruling the runways this season. That said; Chong didn’t completely throw out his old aesthetic, as he had to make sure he kept his longtime consumer base satisfied.

Mixed media pattern dresses of black and white floral, plaid and checkered helped forge cohesion and uniformity. It is evident that Chong’s customer has grown up from the time they started shopping the brand, but that consumer still has a taste for the feminine, even though that consumer is a bit more paired back as they’ve matured.

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There was less lace and appliqués compared to previous seasons, but this was proof that Chong can do something different. He’s no one trick pony, and as minimalism is back in a big way, he’s adapted accordingly.— Kristopher Fraser

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