Breaking Fashion News: Another Kanye Fashion Controversy

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Kanye West is always fodder for conversation, particularly doing New York Fashion Week (NYFW). A few years back, Kanye West was the subject of a badly researched NYFW story. Almost every media outlet covered this misreported story and Kanye was blamed for being arrogant and insensitive to his fellow NYFW designers, as well as snubbing the CFDA.Kanye is once again the subject of another NYFW controversy. However, this time around the controversy is not misreported. There had been much hype around West performing at Philipp Plein’s fall 2019 runway show during NYFW. It was reported that West would be paid about $900,000 for his appearance.

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For those who are fans of Kanye West or hope to see what crazy rhetoric might come out his mouth, this West appearance would have been a boon for Philipp Plein. Lots of press, lots of screaming hip hop fans, helping to solidly place Plein as hip-hop designer extraordinaire in the US. (Plein for the past four seasons has been gathering momentum as the premier US hip hop designer star, though he creates a totally different design aesthetic for his core consumer in Europe.) Well, all the brouhaha around Kanye West’s appearance will not come to be. According to reports on,,, and, a former associate of Kanye West contacted Philipp Plein and negotiated West’s appearance at the Philipp Plein fall 2019 show. (Philipp Plein’s runway shows are some of the most coveted shows during NYFW.)

West’s appearance at the Philipp Plein show all turned out to be a scam and Philipp Plein was duped out of almost a million dollars. According to, West’s former associate forged West’s signature on the contract and Plein wired the money in advance of his fall 2019 runway show.

A representative for Plein issued the following statement as reported in, “We regret to confirm that Kanye West will not be performing at our fashion show this Monday, February 11th. We were beyond excited to work with him but unfortunately an individual pretended to be part of his management team and acted without Kanye’s knowledge, capitalizing on a former friendship with him. Unfortunately, we too were affected by this misrepresentation. We have recently been in contact with Kanye’s official team and are releasing this statement in unison to clarify that there has not been any misconduct on any of our parts. We hope to collaborate with Kanye West in the future and we look forward to our 20th Anniversary show this Monday evening.”

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Hmm, Philipp Plein’s shows, more recently, appear to be rift with musical artists controversy. Last February, many fashion pundits were offended by a hip-hop band that opened his show, spouting the N-word every other second. And this season there is the Kanye forgery. Philipp Plein, get it together,!! Maybe it times to opt out of the musical acts and just let your fashion collections be your ticket!!—William S. Gooch

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