New York Fashion Week Editors’ Essentials Fall 2019

This season since New York Fashion Week: Men’s and New York Fashion Week: The Shows follow right after each other with no break in between, Fashion Reverie has decided to combine our editors’ essentials for the fall 2019 fashion week season. Though many in the fashion industry contend that there is currently very little need for fashion editors—one very important fashion mover and shaker at a recent industry panel discussion projected that fashion editors’ usefulness had gone out of fashion because no one reads runway reviews anymore—editors’ expertise about all things fashion goes without question.

Below you will Fashion Reverie’s editors’ essentials roundup of things that will get you through this very busy two weeks. Remember, instead the traditional eight days of hustling and bustling, it now 11 days!!

Fashion Week can be very hard on your feet. As you shuffle from one fashion show to the next, your feet can take a real beating. Legendary Apothecary has developed a wonderful tincture ($35) that can leave the feet smooth, soft and hydrated. USDA–approved, 100 percent organic and clean, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Simple ingredients include vegetable glycerin, pure lavender oil and grain alcohol (which does not dry out the skin).

Inspired by a century-old family fable, Legendary Apothecary combines the desire to spread KINDness with a deep belief in the power of plant-based ingredients to create skincare products that are pure, organic & cruelty-free. Legendary Apothecary donates 10% of its proceeds toward like-minded charities.

We all know that it is essential that you are camera ready during NYFW. Who doesn’t want to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed during this hectic week?

Hyaluronic Acid does wonders for the skin although most times it comes in a syringe. So, a little short-term plumping comes with a little bit of pain. But now you can get your HA AND COLLAGEN fix without injections with Fillerinas new product additions with some of the strongest, most effective formulas you can get without a doctor’s assist.

Fillerina is a topical wonder product filled with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and other skin loving ingredients that plump up your skin. There’s a New Fillerina product with the “932” formula for the Lips and Mouth, Eyes and Eyelids and Face.  

Fillerina works over a period of weeks to plump and rebuild the skin’s collagen giving long lasting results. Whether you are looking for fuller lips, to fill in the hollowness under the eyes or simply to plump and hydrate your face, Fillerina is the injection-free way to get amazing results in the privacy of your own home.

Speaking of your skin, the winter weather can be tough on your skin. NYFW is now situated between 3 or 4 venues, and believe battling the harsh wind as you cross the Westside Highway to Pier 59 and leave you out in the cold, literally.

Mini Glow Boost Essence Serum ($12.99/15ML)—the travel-sized version of Lumene‘s super concentrated, miracle-boosting serum. Containing a unique new Nordic-C radiance enhancing and energizing technology with berry extract from antioxidant-rich Wild Arctic Cloudberry and Vitamin C, along with Pure Arctic Spring Water and two types of Hyaluronic Acid, the hydrating formula works to promote the appearance of more youthful-looking skin that feels plumper, smoother and looks more radiant. Available at Target and

This industry concentrates so much on what female consumers want, but wait a minute, there are male consumers, and more importantly male fashion editors.

Every male editor wants their hair to look great during NYFW. And Fashion Reverie has the solution for you, especially if those hair follicles haven’t died. THICK HEAD helps to fight DHT (the leading cause of hair loss) with specially developed ingredients also proven to help regrow your hair. Be confident! THICK HEAD is manufactured in an FDA Approved facility and contains no harmful drugs.

Once you start, keep an eye out for a major side effect: Thick and healthy hair. THICK HEAD’s Regrowth Systems focus on fighting the most common causes of hair loss (androgens, inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies). Take off your hat and bare your hair to the world.

Everyone knows that a good fashion editor needs a good bag. As you shuttle from show to show during NYFW, a great bag is essential to carry all of your press notes, party favors and the, now, fewer than ever, gift bag. Vince Camuto has a healthy mix of great bags that will suit all your needs during Fashion Week. And they are moderately priced!!

OK, you are at the end of your day and you really need to relax and distress. All those fashion shows have taken their toll. Fashion Reverie has the solution for you!!

Lifetherapy uses the power of scent, texture, and color, fused with extraordinary ingredients, to evoke positive experiences and emotions for the mind, the body and the spirit.


Lifetherapy’s body wash and bubbling bath is a great way to calm your mind, body and spirit after a long day at the shows. And for NYFW, Lifetherapy is giving a 20% discount on their Eternity body wash and bubbling bath products. Just use the code FASHREV.


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