Editors’ Pick: Missoni Spring 2019 Campaign

Gisele Bündchen may not be slaying on the runway anymore; however, that does not mean she has retired from fashion, in spite of having a wealthy, famous quarterback husband and two kids. (Gisele retired from runway shows in 2016.)

For its summer 2019 campaign, Missoni features supermodel Gisele Bündchen and Tamino Amir Moharam Fouad. Tamino Amir Moharam Fouad is the latest sensation in the European alternative rock scene.  Gisele and Tamino are set against a backdrop of celestial bodies and galactic destinations.  This summer 2019 campaign is resplendent in the nocturnal lights of space, as the stars and planets transform into an ethereal background. Skies are as blue as a baroque theatre, desert landscapes are animated by sand dunes and craters, painted by the reflections of stars which frame Gisele and Tamino.

Gisele and Tamino are two heavenly beings that float from one celestial plane to the next. Both models pose, preen, and saunter as they are transfixed in different galaxies, reflecting and embodying the nomadic spirt of Missoni.

Dresses encrusted in ruffles and gossamer knitted mesh or iridescent ensembles in space-dyed lamé drape the body of a dancing Gisele. The meditative Tamino wears suits in loom-knit or woven fabrics with grosgrain-like textures as he contemplates the obscurity of space.

As celestial travelers who transcend space and time, Tamino and Gisele, as the modern-day Missoni man and Missoni woman, are the latest projections of where Missoni’s Creative Director Angela Missoni wants the brand to be placed. And this placement sits more comfortably with the modern consumer with garments that are easily mixed and matched and has more retail appeal without losing the brand’s signature aesthetic.

Images courtesy of C&M media

This very interesting and unique campaign was photographed in full and half plans by Harley Weir. Other than this recent campaign, Gisele Bündchen most recent affiliation with Missoni was the brand’s spring 2017 eyewear campaign.—Staff


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