Alice + Olivia Spring 2019

Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet used international locations as inspiration for the brand’s spring 2019. Entitled “Wonderland,” Bendet takes her consumer to Paris, Marrakech, Positano, Tokyo, Provence, Careyes, and the fairytale location of “Wonderland.” And Bendet built sets that highlighted all these international locations with garments also reflecting said locations.

Bendet has partnered with other companies in previous collections, and for spring 2019 collection Bendet partnered with This collaboration vibes with Bendet’s use of international locations as inspiration for the brand’s spring 2019 collection.

True to form, Bendet stayed with the Boho chic signature design aesthetic of Alice + Olivia. Bendet expands this signature design aesthetic to that of an international jet setter whose wardrobe is very travel friendly. There are lots of shirt dresses with lace trimmings, handkerchief skirts, halter dresses, and crop tops. Additionally, Bendet digitally printed classic monuments and cultural iconography from some of the international locations on skirts, tops and some jackets.

Though Bendet kind of stuck with basic silhouettes in this outing, she did brilliantly combine these basic silhouettes with interesting embellishments that referenced the international locations that were endemic to this spring 2019 outing. There were feathers and beaded added to the basic silhouettes that conjured up images of Marrakech; Geisha iconography that referenced Japan, and the kaleidoscope prints that could fit in anywhere.

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And Bendet continues with this spring 2019 collection to produce collections that lots of young consumers will want to wear, with separates that can be easily mixed and matched with garments within the collection and with garments from other brands; a very smart strategy. This mixing and matching keeps Alice + Olivia very consumer-friendly and is relevant to the brand’s youthful demographic that does not have as much disposable income as consumers of a decade ago.—William S. Gooch

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