Tea With Kristopher: Month of December 2018

The year is coming to a close, and Fashion Reverie is happy to serve up its final pot of tea for 2018. It may be cold outside, but the tearoom is still piping hot. Get your teacups ready for one last afternoon tea of the year. 2019 promises to be a year of upheaval and change and that means lots of inside fashion tea!!

Therapeutic Tea

An executive at a luxury auction house has been caught exploiting the homeless by paying them to dress up in costumes so he can take mocking photos. When called out, the executive in question was unremorseful for his actions and even tried to excuse his behavior. Friendly reminder; the homeless should not be subject of matter for live puppet theatre.

Calming Tea

A former creative director sued a top luxury brand because the luxury brand continued to use his designs for several seasons after his departure. The payout is rumored to be a solid seven figures as they settled out of court.

Tasty Tea

A luxury brand that has become a favorite among hip-hop audiences is known for constantly bragging about brand expansion, but the luxury brand also fails to mention they’ve had a significant amount of store closings. Hmm, this fashion designer has gotten too big for his britches. The brand is working on scaling down as the brand is getting offers for a close to billion-dollar buyout. According to inside sources, the fashion designer doesn’t the buyout offer is large enough!!

Spicy Tea

There is a lot of end-of-the-year tension at a top lifestyle publication where the magazine’s six-figure earning senior editors are getting the boot and being replaced by twenty ‘somethings,’ earning $50,000. These more junior editors have been quite ungrateful to their departing mentors even asking how soon the senior editors are leaving so they can get their respective offices. Bad, bad karma!!

—Kristopher Fraser

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