Missoni Pre-Fall 2019

Fashion has on-going love affair with classic silhouettes from the 1950s and 1940s. And those eras of changing attitudes in fashion is not enough for the current arry of fashion designers, brands and designers will reach back to iconic fashion designs of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. And if grunge becomes the style that a fashion designer is referencing, then the 1990s becomes the order of the day.

For it pre-fall 2019 collection, Missoni reaches back to some of the brand’s iconic knitwear collections from the 1980’s while its founder and creator Ottavio Missoni was still at the helm of the company. This archival re-imagination of 80s trends successfully accomplishes what brands of Missoni’s ilk sometimes fail to demonstrate.

Conjuring up and repurposing iconic collections of yore is a risky move for well-known fashion brands, particularly when the originator of the iconic collection is not currently manning said fashion brand. The repurposed collection will always be compared to the original iconic collection.

This will not be the case for Missoni pre-fall 2018 collection. Missoni ingeniously combined British sartorial expressions and winter wonderland inspirations with the bohemian kaleidoscope of bold knitwear that the brand first established almost 60 years ago. Because the brand’s predilection for colorful knitwear is the standard, bringing in seemingly disparate design concepts does not clash with the brand’s signature aesthetic.

Still, it takes quite a bit of craftsmanship to pull all of these inspirations and design aesthetics into a cohesive collection. And for pre-fall 2018 Missoni has done just that!!

This season metallic yarns keep the brand right on trend. And the inclusion of Peruvian alpaca sweaters marries well with Missoni’s bohemian, well-spirit perspective. There are also some very interesting sartorial jackets that work well for the brand’s glance back this season, particularly as these sartorial jackets are infused with Missoni’s infectious designs.

Images courtesy of C&M Media

As other iconic brands struggle with maintaining their consumer base, Missoni is maintaining and expanding their base. Other household-name brands should take some lessons from Missoni.—William S. Gooch





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