For Ella McHugh, a Little Glam Combined with Classic Silhouettes Equals Brilliant Handbags

The company office party, the elegant New Year’s Eve party, and other holiday events are upon us. And if you are a fashionista that wants to make a statement at every turn, having that perfect handbag to accompany your fantastic holiday ensemble is almost as important as good air to breathe. OK, I am exaggerating, maybe not as important as clean air, but very essential, nonetheless!!

Ella McHugh handbags are those special event handbags that every stylish woman should own. Ella McHugh handbags are a youthful expression of classic silhouettes that can easily transition from day to night. Inspired by Art Deco designs and such iconic film stars and personalities as Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow and the acerbic Dorothy Parker, Ella McHugh’s handbags are those heirloom handbags that equate classic style with fashion-forward sensibility.  

“Handbags fascinate me as a snapshot of a woman’s personal style. My mother is an an­tiques dealer so I grew up surrounded by beautiful craftsmanship and timeless appeal,” explained Ella McHugh. “My grandmother, a renowned opera singer, was also a huge influence. While she was justly famous throughout Europe for her voice, inside our family she was renowned for changing her outfits three times a day— complete with matching handbags.”

Third-generation Italian artisans handcraft Ella’s name­sake collection from the finest leathers and exotic skins, including python and ostrich. Each of her modern designs is a nod to vintage style and silhouette, complete with a semi-precious stone, stream­lined hardware and superb function.

Photos courtesy of Coded PR

A New York native, this attorney turned handbag designer creates her collection in the hope that women will find it a satisfying marriage of unusual beauty, sensual textures, and great functionality. And for that holiday party, Ella McHugh’s Quicksilver, Sidney Velvet, Monika, Corinne Gleam, Corinne Deco, and Vera Gold are the perfect selects.For more information including stockists and price points, go to




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