Fashion Tea with Kristopher: Month of November 2018

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Fashion Reverie hopes everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! And just because our staff was off celebrating Turkey Day doesn’t mean Fashion Reverie forgot about inside fashion truths. Get ready for your cup to ‘runneth over’ as Fashion Reverie serves you a nice hot cup of fashion zest to go with your leftover pumpkin pie.Elderberry Tea

A certain top designer who is creative director of a major fashion brand has churned out some less than stellar recent collections, and these lackluster fashion designs is causing consternation and disappointment to the holding company. The brand’s third quarter results were less than promising for a brand considered a darling of the fashion industry. He better turn this around by Fashion Week, or he’ll find himself out of a job.

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A top fashion company has been caught underpaying their production staff. For a company whose senior executives are known for making easy six-figure salaries, this revelation was quite shocking. With the overtime hours these employees are working, they are allegedly making less than minimum wage.

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Black TeaAnother top fashion brand, whose televised runway show is one of the toughest to get into every year, has been called out for the lack of diversity in its production staff. Apparently, hardly any people of color can be seen working behind the scenes of this billion-dollar company. We may have a black man at the helm of British Vogue, but fashion still has a lot of work to do in diversifying itself.

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A longstanding fashion PR firm has made an impressive comeback by acquiring a large slate of international clients. Business is brighter than ever at this New York–based company, and they are picking up new accounts by the month. It might be hard times for fashion, but everything’s coming up roses in their front and backyards.

—Kristopher Fraser

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