Simon Rocha and Pierpaolo Piccioli Collaborate with MONCLER

If you haven’t noticed, collaborations in fashion have become very popular. From iconic brands like Missoni and Moschino collaborating with H&M to such celebrity collaborations as Serena Gomez X Coach, Gigi Hadid X Tommy, and most recently Pharrell Williams collaborating with Chanel. All these collaborations add up to big bucks for the brands, especially if the brand is well known. That said; MONCLER has jumped into the collaboration fray.

Collaborating with an iconic fashion house is no small feat. And when Simone Rocha was pegged to collaborate with MONCLER, fashion pundits wondered if she was up to the task. This Central Saint Martins graduate honed her craft at her eponymous collection that she launched in 2010. Harper’s Bazaar in 2014 named Simone Rocha Womenswear Designer of the Year. Add to that distinction, Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama donned Rocha’s garments.

For her fall 2018 collaboration with MONCLER, Simone Rocha looked to European mountain slopes and Victorian mountain climbers. These mountain uniforms, so to speak, were designed with MONCLER’s utilitarian practicality in mind, while also emphasizing Rocha’s penchant for femininity seen through the lens of structure, volume with feminine silhouettes.

The classic MONCLER Down fabric is reinterpreted in a feminine functional way in Simone’s signature colors; red, pink, and ivory, and black with pearl. The 4 MONCLER Simone Rocha fall 2018 collection features signature sequin floral embellishments, collapsing frills and embroidered flowers. These florals are also translated into a signature woven cloque fabric. The beaded embellishment in pearls and black sequin flowers is naturally integrated into the seams of garments to reflect flowers and foliage on the mountains, growing in between the rocks and cracks.

MONCLER has additionally for fall 2018 employed the creative genius of Pierpaolo Piccioli. Mostly known as co-creative director of Valentino with Maria Grazia Chiuri. Piccioli, after Chiuri’s exit from Valentino in 2016, has established himself creative voice of the iconic Italian brand, with a vision that incorporates Piccioli’s personal narration paired with luxury house’s reputation for excellence.

For Pierpaolo Piccioli’s collaboration with MONCLER, Piccioli looked to futuristic shapes married with a medieval hieratic purism aesthetic. Pierpaolo stripped the classic duvet to the bare essence. A-line silhouettes ooze a couture feel while keeping the sense of functionality that is a MONCLER pillar. The collection encompasses zip-up hooded capes, both long and short, and skirts, complete with padded duvet spats and padded duvet gloves.

All photos courtesy of C&M Media

Pierpaolo Piccioli worked with basic down filled MONCLER nylon, further highlighting the idea of reducing garments to their bare essence. The sum of elements in the 1 MONCLER Pierpaolo Piccioli fall 2018 collection is highlighted by the contrast of saturated colors. Items come in a pictorial palette of ivory, black, amethyst, imperial yellow, bright green, orange, red and cherry red. 1 MONCLER Pierpaolo Piccioli and 4 MONCLER Simone Rocha are now both available in MONCLER boutiques.

—William S. Gooch

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