Fashion Tea with Kristopher: Month of October 2018

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Autumn is upon us, which means hot, tasty tea at Fashion Reverie to fend off the autumn chill. The primetime drama which is always the fashion industry rolls on for another Emmy worthy season. Let’s hear about the plot lines driving the fall season. Orange Zest Tea 

This fashion designer who took over a well-known luxury label has wasted no time in changing the company culture. Everyone’s been required to sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements); the brand now has a private workroom that only specially assigned personnel can enter, and retail prices might even increase. The anticipation for this designer’s first collection to drop is leaving many in the industry anxious. That said; it appears this designer may be a longtime power player at this brand.

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While most fashion media industry professionals consider themselves very privileged to have jobs, a particular fashion editor at a publication owned by a prominent publishing house is taking her privilege for granted. She’s been consistently absent at work; turning in articles late, and taking days off at her own bequest. Someone should remind her, in fashion “one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” Her reputation for bad work habits is sure to follow her if she tries to get another position in fashion publishing.

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Earl Grey Tea This British publication has been having trouble landing A-list celebs for features, despite their editor-in-chief’s alleged top connections. Perhaps, his party boy ways and his reputation among American male models for being notoriously unpleasant to work with is costing him any hopes he had for making a real name for himself. He should shape up and ship out, or get his act together and re-evaluate his behavior before his publication sinks like the Titanic.


Any hopes you had for that Chanel bag just got a little more unattainable price wise. It has been reported that Chanel will be raising their prices for three classic handbag styles by 6 percent beginning November 1. This will mark the third time the company has raised prices this year. I hope everyone’s holiday bonuses are nice given all this glorious inflation.

—Kristopher Fraser

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