Fall 2018 Men’s Fragrances: Scent of Sex Sets

Pheromones are nature’s way to our heart. They are chemical transmitters that lead to attraction. That attraction leads to desire. That desire can lead to love, or at the least, romance.

We consciously lust with our eyes, but we subconsciously love with our nose. We become proverbially intoxicated with the personal aroma of someone we adore, and remain drunk in love long after they’re gone. Memories come flooding back when we catch a whiff of their scent on a shirt … a bathrobe … a pillow.

Fragrance makers spend countless hours and dollars creating perfumes and colognes that make you want to pull in closer and take a deeper breath. They toil away to create the perfect concoction that makes you close your eyes and inhale all of your desires. Some perfumers work on a single scent at a time, and others work on a family of fragrances that keep you intrigued, coming back for more.

Sometimes less is more—but sometimes more is what we need. Fashion Reverie has assembled a selection of fragrance box sets that will have your love interest titillated and longing for another round of olfactory stimulation.

Photo courtesy of Le Labo

Le LaboThe epitome of artisanal creation, Le Labo emphasizes the work du main, or “of the hand, ”hand-picked roses, hand-poured candles, and hand-formulated perfumes. Each bottle is made to order using the highest quality ingredients, providing the peak of freshness. Their Classic discovery set allows you to experience a range of their scents before committing to one (or a few). Their five-fragrance micro selection allows you to explore the worlds of musky ambroxan, viril vetiver, full bloom rose, masculine woods, and deep tea and tobacco leaves.

The experience of a Le Labo fragrance leaves you with the cerebrally sexy knowledge that this bottle was made specifically for you. You will enjoy it more as the concoction melds with your natural body chemistry and morphs into a scent that is uniquely and distinctly your own. And when your love interest leans in to get a closer smell, you’ll know you have captured them.

Another 13: ambroxan musk, jasmine, moss and ambrette seeds absolute

Bergamote 22: petit grain, grapefruit, amber, and vetiver

Rose 31: Centifolia rose, cumin, Gaïac wood, and cistus

Santal 33: cardamom, iris, Australian sandalwood, and leather

Thé Noir 29: bergamot, fig and bay leaves, cedar wood, black tea leaves

Photo courtesy of L’ASCARI

L’ASCARISometimes we have to look deep into history to find something “new.” Most of us are not familiar with solid perfumes, a waxy or creamy alternative to eau de parfum and eau de toilette. However, in ancient Egypt, these ointment-like unguents were scented with local flowers and imported spices and used as solid perfumes. Today, L’ASCARI uses Australian organic, plant-derived ingredients coupled with waxes and oils to create their own version of solid fragrances.

L’ASCARI’s set of solid colognes range from the brand’s bold and masculine Artisan, to the fresh and spicy Virtuoso, to the powerful and sexy Pioneer. Smartly packaged in 70mm tins, they are ideal for carrying in your gym bag and travel carry-on or leaving in your office or car in case of a last-minute rendezvous.

Artisan Blend 70: lavender, orange, lemon, leather, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli

Virtuoso Blend 158: nutmeg, lemon, star anise, geranium, cinnamon, musk, and tonka bean

Pioneer Blend 246: bergamot, cedarwood, mandarin, rosewood, patchouli, musk, and tobacco

Photo courtesy of Frederic Malle

Editions de Parfums Frédéric MalleFrédéric Malle is a third generation perfumer with an intimate understanding of the art of perfumery. His grandfather, Serge Heftler-Louiche, founded Parfums Christian Dior before passing on its direction to Frédéric’s mother. His respect for the craft is so deep that, instead of bowing to business trends of creating fragrances to market an image, he created Editions de Parfums—“a publishing house for perfumes, where perfumes are created and published as unique works of art.”

Editions’ Loved By Men essential collection contains five fragrances that can be defined as raw masculinity, artistic flamboyance, and savage sex appeal. Created by individual artisans, yet bound together in a thread of masculine excellence, these scents transcend the range manliness and speak true to why the collection is loved by men and women alike.

Bigarade Concentree: bitter orange (bigarade), cardamom, pink pepper, cedar

French Lover (Bois d’Orage): pimiento, angelica, juniper, patchouli, vetiver, frankincense

Geranium pour Monsieur: mint, aniseed, geranium, sandalwood, frankincense

Musc Ravageur: bergamot, mandarin, lavender, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk

Vetiver Extraordinaire: Haitian vetiver, cashmeram, bergamot, pink pepper, oak moss

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Louis VuittonThe world of Louis Vuitton continues to grow. Building from trunks and luggage, and expanding beyond clothing and jewelry, Vuitton now takes you from looking like luxury to smelling like it. These new additions to their fragrance collection exemplify what every man aspires to be. Lustworthy. Virile. Lavish. Venerable. Simply, Louis Vuitton.

L’immensité: ginger, grapefruit, and amber

Nouveau Monde: cocoa, oud assam, and saffron

Orage: wood vertiver and patchouli

Au Hassard: sandalwood, cardamom, and pear liqueur

Sur La Route: Calabrian citrus, cédrat, bergamot, and Peruvian balsam

—Carl Ayers

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