Inbal Dror Bridal Fall 2019

“To me, the Mediterranean Sea is always so inspiring: its beaches, the freedom, the lightness. I love it so.

—Inbal Dror

For those that are familiar with Inbal Dror’s bridal collection, what is most obvious is Inbal’s penchant for designing beautiful bridal garments that are always on trend, but also expand the proverbial bridal envelope. Though some bridal pundits might be taken amiss or be slightly disturbed by the sheerness of several of the garments in Inbal Dror’s bridal collections, be aware that many of the sheer looks are for runway appeal—in fact, they are an editor’s dream—and that an extra layer or lining will be employed once those bridal garments hit the retail market.

This season there was no shortage of very sheer bridal garments and the sensuality and sexiness of the bridal collection was most definitely front and center. This is not a bridal collection for every kind of bride. Nor should it be. Not every bridal collection need be an “every bride” collection; there are those collections that appeal to a niche bridal audience. And that niche bride is gaining traction in the US bridal market. Though Inbal Dror’s primary market is in Europe and the Middle East.

If there was one drawback in this outing was Dror’s continued use of vintage lace embellishments that can sometimes make some garments look a little matronly. And occasionally those lace embellishments paired with ruffles created a disjointed mélange of an inchoate vision unrealized. Still, the effortlessness and calm and tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea did come through.

Photos courtesy of Atelier PR

Standout looks from this collection include strapless fully sequined subtle high-low ball gown with floral appliques, strapless VIP of beaded embroidered lace with pocket detail, high-neck draped blouson silk gown with lace inserts, short-beaded tulle dress with lapels and pocket details, and spaghetti strap-embroidered sheer tulle gown with ruffle details and lace bralette.—William S. Gooch

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