Rime Arodaky Bridal Fall 2019

For her fall 2019 collection, Rime Arodaky looked to the dance world for inspiration. This has been done before—Gracy Accad looked to the dance world for inspiration for her bridal collection last season, even holding her runway show at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center.

Still, Rime Arodaky took it further than Gracy Accad or other bridal designers that have found inspiration from ballet and other dance forms. First of all, Rime Arodaky named each garment after famous dancers, choreographers, and ballets—Rudolph Noureev, MargotFonteyn, Emma Livry, Twyla Tharp, Misty Copeland, George Balanchine, Graham, Coppelia, Giselle, etc. And next, Arodaky conjured up images of the ballet tutu and pointe shoes in her collection by employing shoes with ribbon tie-ups and lots of layered tulle and organza.

Where bridal pundits might contend that this collection does not have a lot of retail value because Arodaky centered the collection on fantasy bridal garments over what would sell. Fashion Reverie disagrees. It is true that there were lots of nontraditional bridal garments in this collection, and some are the pieces could be a hard sell. However, there is a consumer for many of the pieces in this collection. And the bridal industry needs to embrace bridal designers that are creating collections that go beyond traditional bridal fare.

There were several very sheer bridal garments in the collection that could be a turnoff for some buyers. But, like Inbal Dror, the sheer garments are for editorial discussions and review and will probably have a layer of fabric added when the garments hit the retail market.

Photos courtesy of Coded PR/Peter Finck

Standouts in this fall 2019 collection are the brand’s crepe romper with fishnet tulle overskirt, crepe jumpsuit with see-through top in graphic roses-patterned lace, bustier dress in pleated tulle, and flounced dress in pleated tulle and graphic ribbon with a blend of white and blush shaded layers.—William S. Gooch

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