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Although it might not feel like it, fall is here!! And with the change of seasons, comes great opportunities to don new styles and trends. So many celebrities prancing around making us want to try all kinds of different styles. There are no rules just for you to choose your preferences. While we are grateful for warm weather, that soon will come to an end and it will be time to cover up! The editors at Fashion Reverie have concluded that fall 2018 is offering new iterations of our favorite styles. It is time to reshuffle your closet.What will our favorite celebrities wear this fall? Fashion Reverie has some interesting predictions!!

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Oversized Bags Though the oversized bag is not everyone’s cup of tea; still, a lot of women can fill up any purse no matter how big or voluminous. For fall 2018, there is finally a way to store your extra items that could never fit in your regular bag! Fashion Reverie has been seeing the oversized bag’s revival on the runway since 2017, but now the oversized bag is making a comeback with consumers and celebrities. Guess who wore it first?

 Kim Kardashian is seen wearing a money dress and matching boots  (Photo by PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Hardcore Press Who loves Kim Kardashian’s all money look or Versace’s latest one-print collection? Are my shoes or jacket matching the rest of ensemble? There is no need to fret. Wear it all in one hardcore press!

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Sheep SkinFur is slowly going out of style; however, shearling is as popular as ever. Whether it is combined with leather or denim jackets, shearling outfits are a must-have! They are also warm. So make sure you have one ready.

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Gym Gear in Pastels Minimalism is in trend, mainly with basic colors and neutrals. But for those that want to make it a bit more exciting, there are pastels! That gym gear that comes in more of a silky milk shade should throw in a little color that gives more contrast and will get you more attention.

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Joggers Celebrities love to be comfortable. Even more so in 2018. Some of our favorite couples (Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin ) are religiously wearing joggers. Which makes you wonder what they will be wearing at their wedding, unless it happened already!!

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Thigh-high bootsNot a new trend but Fashion Reverie thinks you should keep those thigh-highs, just switch it up a little. They do make your legs look sexy and long. Add a pop of color and you could achieve a supermodel look.

—Tijana Ibrahimovic

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