Fushá Spring 2019

Marie Claudinette Jean is back!! Well, her fashion brand Fushá Designs is. After an absence of over ten years, Marie Claudinette Jean has reinvented Fushá from a brand that centered mostly on urban street wear to a brand that is all about glamorous luxury. In other word, bling without the bling; well, almost.

Originally launched in 2000, Fushá had a sizable celebrity following. Marie Claudinette Jean could count Mary J. Blige, Patti Labelle, and the late great Whitney Houston among her celebrity fan base. And after showing for four consecutive seasons at Bryant Park during New York Fashion Week, Marie Claudinette Jean took a long, extended break to raise her daughter. Now, she is back in the fashion fold, and if not with a vengeance, then with a particular fashion point of view.

For spring 2017, Marie Claudinette Jean sought inspiration from a magical forest, which was made evident in the lush, glittering foliage that decorated the background to the brand’s spring 2019 presentation. That said; there were a few carryovers from the Fushá Designs that fans of the brand from the early 2000s grew to love. They bling is still in place, but more understated in this iteration; the collection contains several statement-making garments—something that was always front and center in prior collection, and there is still lots of bold color.

One thing that was worth taking note of in this collection is that Marie Claudinette Jean recognizes that her woman has changed. Gone are the days of blatant in your face glam. Perhaps, the Fushá consumer has matured.

Photos courtesy of Paul Bruinooge

This time around Marie Claudinette Jean has opted for looks, though still glamorous, that are more subdued with the emphasis being placed on the fabrication and silhouette. And this is exactly the right direction that the brand needs to project to. Though most of the silhouettes and fabrications have been seen before, Marie Claudinette Jean aptly understands that she must update her brand with changing fashion trends. And the change in Fushá is refreshing.Bling without the garishness, who could ask for anything better!!

—William S. Gooch

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