Son Jung Wan Spring 2019

Sometimes, with Son Jung Wan it is hit or miss. Son Jung Wan has made a name for herself in the New York fashion market as a fashion designer that pushes the proverbial fashion envelope with leanings toward a Korean version of Japanese Harajuku. Lots of bold color, a mix of fabrics, a hodgepodge of silhouettes and lots of cultural influences; that is Song Jung Wan.

All these mixes of color, fabrications and silhouettes apply to the brand’s spring 2019 collection. However, where some seasons, Son Jung Wan was able to make this collage of perspectives work for her collection, for spring 2019 the brand’s kaleidoscope of influences produced a disjointed collection.

This “dramatic moves” collection was highlighted by glamour and exaggerated silhouettes. Son Jung Wan conjured up influences from the 1970s and 80s with also a glance backward to the 1940s and 60s.

Son Jung Wan attempted in this collection to marry the heightened volume found in silhouettes from the 70s and 80s with romantic fashion elements from the 40s and 60s; all seen through a modern lens of minimalism. Puff sleeves rendered in prints of Green Flash and Liberty florals meet fuschia rose A-lines wrapped in dandelions. Throughout the collection are bold, passionate pops of poppy contrasted by stark clean white. Finishes of 3D laces and holographic fabrics projected onto to vintage-inspired tailored shapes keep the collection contemporary; while spangle and beading evoke glamour as florals bring a sense of luxury.  These romantic and chic silhouettes, through draping and tailoring, produce a vibrant rhythm for spring 2019.

Though Son Jung Wan’s intention for this collection should be honored, in real time the collection was all over the place, rendering little retail value in the States. Then again, Son Jung Wan’s major consumers are not really in the US, with most of her consumers in Korea and other Asian markets. So, perhaps, US tastes don’t really matter that much.

Photos courtesy of Deborah Hughes, Inc.

Still, there were some standout looks. This spring 2019 collection’s best looks were those looks in neutral or off-white tones which included the brand’s multi-color one shoulder dress, dandelion yellow sleeveless top with ling skirt and gold-sequined shorts, nude beige silk tulle dress with floral lace and gold-sequined shorts and nude beige silk tulle sleeveless dress with floral lace details.

—William S. Gooch

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