The Blonds Spring 2019


The Blonds runway show is one of the most sought-after and highly anticipated shows of New York Fashion Week: The Shows (NYFWS). Always entertaining, with just the right amount of theatrical dynamism and fashion next, The Blonds, for the most part delivers the goods. Unfortunately, their spring 2019 collection was another matter.

As a critical mass, many fashion designers are suffering. Retail sales are low, investment dollars are hard to come by, and traditional ways of marketing, advertising and reaching consumers has lost traction. In other words, the fashion industry is in real trouble. And some designers/brands, unfortunately, are looking to gimmicks, hoping to attract consumers, particularly youthful consumers with deep pockets.

The Blonds spring 2019 collection, particularly as it was presented during NYFWS, seemed like a desperate attempt to maintain consumer and media interest in the brand. Inspired by Disney villains, Cruella de Vil, Ursula the Sea Witch, the Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, and others, The Blonds’ spring 2019 collection appeared to be more in the tradition of a Halloween fashion show—with a few celebs thrown in for good measure—than a legitimate fashion collection.

That said; The Blonds’ collections have always been on the side of phantasmagorical glam; still, this season the theatrics of the runway show overshadowed the collection. And there was some good fashion in the collection in the tradition of The Blonds’s design aesthetic—heavy embellishment, bedazzled bustiers, and sex, sex, and more sex.

Where in past shows The Blonds addition of supermodels and celebs did not distract from the collection, this season, unfortunately, cast members from FX’s hit series “Pose” were the show, entertaining as all out, but adding nothing to the fashion. With the exception of “Pose” cast member Dominique Jackson, who demonstrated classic runway glamazon diva strutting, the rest of the celebs could have stayed at home or at least be given a front row seat. (Remember, the age of Heatherette bacchanalian self-indulgence on the runway expired 10 years ago.)

        Images courtesy of EB Consults

Phillipe and David Blond stick with what has worked and expand on that. Better luck next season!!—William S. Gooch

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