Fashion Tea with Kristopher: August 2018

August is typically a quiet month for fashion with everyone trying to cash in on vacation time before the new fashion season commences. Still, there is lots of tea to go around. The secrets and scandals that make this industry so delicious are still flowing free. Everyone may be jet setting off to Mykonos, but the teakettle is still on.

First cup of tea

We are starting you off with some sweet tea. A well-known and beloved fashion designer who has been a staple of New York Fashion Week for several seasons has his eyes set on China for business expansion. With his business growing, he’s been M.I.A. lately with plans of announcing his international expansion on the horizon. Chinese luxury designers top target audiences these days, so this move is just a logical next step.

Second cup

A major editor that has been a front row fixture at New York Fashion Week recently could soon be finding himself filling out job applications. With the turnover and cuts at the major magazine where he is currently employed, he’s even admitted he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll last. Like “Project Runway’s” Heidi Klum proclaims, ”one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.”

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Third cupA top fashion designer will soon replace a major media personality on a fashion reality show. While everyone thought this media personality would probably die or retire in this role, only diamonds are forever, darling. It will be sad to see him go, but hopefully will find a new home on another show.

Four cup

A top former supermodel’s son has been caught hitting the sauce a little too hard and has become a very problematic fixture at parties. He’s known to have even broken a door in a drunken stupor at a popular model crowd bar recently. Someone get this enfant terrible a babysitter.

—Kristopher Fraser

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