Editors’ Pick: Wild Spirit Fragrances

Though it is still warm outside, it is time to start thinking about fall fragrances. As we adjust our wardrobe to cooling temperatures, remember it is just as important to adjust our fragrances.

Wild Spirit is a fragrance brand with real ingredients at real prices that celebrate individuality. What we put our bodies is as what we put in them—that’s why Wild Spirit products are vegan, contain natural essential oils and are free from parabens, sulphates, and dyes. Wild Spirit is cruelty free and formulate in the US.

Inspired by sister brand, Raw Spirit, and created by New York City–based fragrance expert and fragrance designer Joyce Lanigan and iconic fashion designer Russell James, Wild Spirit consists of four scents, “Chill,” “First Snow,” “Spring Jasmine,” and “Driftwood.” Each scent represents distinct personalities with the scent seasonal names have a connotation that matches the scent. “Chill” implies relaxed and cool; “Spring Jasmine” references perkiness and energy; “First Snow” relates to being cool and collected, while “Driftwood” implies independence and individuality.

On each bottle is the image of unique female influencers of different ethnicities photographed by Russell James with natural backdrops that shine a light on the different personalities. The influencers are IMG Models Laura James, Eva Adams, Ashley Moore, and Victoria Germyn.

“As a fragrance designer and a consumer, I realized that there was a white space for affordable luxury fragrances. We want to encourage the wearer to experiment with scent and to embrace their own unique self—allow their wild spirit to shine through,” explained Joyce Lanigan. “ We aim to be straightforward, authentic and relatable and a little cheeky. We don’t talk to our girl, but instead we are in an ongoing conversation with her. We want to engage, interact and advise by creating a trusted bond and relationship, instead of coming off preachy or pushy,” continued Lanigan.

   Images courtesy of Chic PR

Scent details include “Spring Jasmine” inspired by a petally, white floral highlighted by a dominant, creamy jasmine signature and enhanced with specialty tea notes, “Driftwood” inspired by fallen trees, sundrenched and salted on a white sound beach; “Chill” inspired by the warm, creamy wood that are contrasted with fresh, airy scents, and lastly, “First Snow” inspired by a unique contrast of crisp aromatic notes and black pepper combined with a rich smoldering woody effect, highlighted with signature Bushman Candle.Wild Spirit retails for $14.95 and is available online at wildspiritfragrances.com and a Walmart stores.



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