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It’s that time of the year again; that time of the year when college students pack their trunks and luggage and head back to their educational institution of choice. And though the retail market is in the potty and wages have stagnated, students still need some great fashion choices. Even if you didn’t make a whole lot of green backs on your summer job, you can still look fashionable and chic with the choices Fashion Reverie has assembled for your back-to-school needs. And some of our choices are even eco-friendly.

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Don’t start the school year without your very own Doc Artisan phone and tablet docking station! Let your phone or tablet charge and be ready to wake up with it’s loud alarm on your very own artisan docking station made from one of natures greatest beauties—wood from gorgeous trees! And don’t forget to transfer your phone to the trendy and convenient phone cases! Save room in your backpack for books by using the Doc Artisan phone cases that also double as a wallet! 

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Perfect for back-to-school time and for any skin type, the combination of Zakia’s Morocco’s Perfect Skincare Kit products makes for an amazing remedy for your whole body. If you want beautiful, clear and silky smooth skin you need not look any further! With a simple combination of Macerated olives and olive oil, aqua and potassium hydroxide, the Original Moroccan “Beldi” Black Soap gives the skin a nourishing cleanse. The Loofah Scrubbing Ball assists in relaxation and blood flow. Exfoliating a couple times a week with the Kessa Exfoliating Glove will help to keep the skin healthy and give it a fresh glow. Finish by putting Argan Oil on your face to hydrate and keep skin looking young and vibrant. 

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This season it is all about reinvented 80s street style. And nothing says 80s street style better than joggers. Grab the campus attention you deserve and be on trend in sequined joggers or these color-blocked black and white joggers from Rebel Pink.Founder and creative director Adrienne Steele balances power and grittiness with prettiness and glamour in this 80s urban-inspired, street style collection. This sportswear collection contains, athletic tanks, joggers, jerseys, varsity jackets, sweatshirts, tees, hats, and leggings.

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Ok, you have the trendy clothes, now you need some great shoes to accentuate your great style. No other brand screams, ‘Style Maven’ more than Rocket Dog. This LA-based footwear brand launched in 1997 and in its two-decade history has become one of the leading women’s footwear brands with its signature platform sole aesthetic.Rocket Dog is for the stylish woman who is independent and has effortless style. And Rocket Dog’s collaboration with Hollywood stylist Chloe Bartoli has created a punk, street-style influenced collection for today’s cool girls. This collection, RD x CALI GIRLS, is the perfect back-to-school shoe collection that demonstrates your great style with just the right amount of millennial edge.

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As temperatures begin to cool down, keeping your lips moisturized is essential. Uncle Pappy’s Lappy Lips brand to the rescue for all your lip care needs. A part of the Just Bee family of lip balms, Uncle Pappy’s Lappy Lips’ natural beeswax-based lip balms provides families with a healthy alternative to traditional petroleum-based lip care. Just Bee products are crafted in the USA in small batches with all-natural flavors. Made without any harmful synthetic fragrances, preservatives, artificial dyes, parabens, phthalates or SLS, Just Bee balms are safe for all ages.Just in time for back-to-school, Lappy Lips comes in a 6 pack of different flavors— Whiz Pop Fizz, Sweet Cheeks Cherry, Pappy’s Happy Bubble Yum, Orange You Glad It’s Not Banana, Wiggly Giggle Grape, and Strawberry Sunshine. Additionally, Lappy Lips can be kept in your backpack, locker, purse, in the car, or in every pocket. And that is ideal for busy college students!!

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