Fashion News Alert: Serena Williams Teams up with Virgil Abloh, Christy Turlington Celebrates 150, and The Hush at Condè Nast

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OK, Serena Williams is back!! She proved that by making it to the finals at Wimbledon this year. However, she is also returning in the fashion industry in a big way. Then again, she never went away with continued collaboration with HSN.Add to her tennis return success, Williams has teamed up with Nike Lab in a collaboration with Virgil Abloh on a chic, new tennis collection, entitled “Queen.”

“When I was thinking about outfits for Serena, I was thinking about her playing the game and her aesthetic while she is [playing],” said Abloh in a Vogue article. “Also about the confidence that’s needed while playing the top level of tennis.”

Images from the collaboration were released over the weekend on Off-White’s Instagram account. The “Queen” collection contains a range of shoes and athletic wear.

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150 is the charm

It is rare indeed for a fashion model to land over 50 magazine covers. Even more rare is 100 covers, and almost unheard of is appearing on 150 magazine covers.

Well, supermodel Christy Turlington has done the almost unheard of. Christy Turlington has now appeared on 150 magazine covers, and even more unusual this new accomplishment is Turlington’s 150th Vogue cover.

Earlier in the week, Turlington posted on Instagram her 150th Vogue cover that is the cover of the Polish addition of Vogue. “When it rains, it pours” Turlington wrote on Instagram. “I assure you, this is NOT a comeback.”

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Mum is the word

It was revealed last week that Condè Nast would not make a profit until 2020. On the heels of this revelation, employees of Condè Nast have been ordered to follow a script when questioned on the future of Condè Nast and stay “on message.”

The leaked email revealed that on the wake of the consolidation of the US and UK Condè Nast Traveller magazine and the company wide, unveiled restructuring of Condè Nast, pressure is being put on staffers to follow company designed speech when speaking to the press. Hmm, I guess that means no clap back!!

—William S. Gooch

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