Fashion Tea with Kristopher: July 2018

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It’s a hot summer in New York City, and Fashion Reverie has got some tea for you! Fresh off the heels of New York Fashion Week: Men’s spring 2019 season, the tea pot is flowing over. Grab your cup and a plate of scones as we pour up the steamy insider fashion gossip.Item 1 insider tea

A former CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominee is so broke they have switched PR firms because they could no longer afford the retainer at their previous one. They are not in the money, honey!!

Consumers cough up the green backs and buy their clothes, sil vous plait!! Their cash flow is so limited they are even having trouble affording models for their presentations. The shame of it all!!

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A top fashion publication with a storied history has been cutting staff, unbeknownst to the general public. While they are still considered a cornerstone of the fashion industry, the team is currently running on skeleton crew. While it’s been a rough time in media, they always seemed like one of the untouchables. Oh, how the mighty are falling!!

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A notable designer, best known for her outerwear, could be returning to New York Fashion Week. This would be the designer’s first showing in decades, and she’s known as a favorite of top Vogue editors. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s sure to be a celebration just to see her back on the calendar. Make New York Fashion Week: The Shows great again!

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Item 4 insider tea

The trade shows are attempting to go direct-to-consumer. Retail in the US is not what it used to be, and in response, rather than being what was strictly a buyers and press only event, is now looking at going to a consumer-focused model. It’s the see-now-buy-now of trade shows. These people need to make money somehow, and it sure isn’t coming from retailers.

—Kristopher Fraser

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