Missoni’s Fall 2018 Campaign

For its fall 2018 campaign Missoni Creative Director Angela Missoni and photographer Harley Weir juxtapose Missoni’s crazy quilt patterns and eclectic smorgasbord of color, textures, shapes against vibrant blue skies. This amalgam of texture, color and fabrication is framed on the statuesque bodies of Supermodel Gigi Hadid and French male model Yassine Rahal.

Gigi Hadid is the Supermodel of the moment, scoring campaigns as diverse of American sportswear mega brand Tommy Hilfiger to the 2019 Pirelli calendar to Versus Versace to Balmain. Harley Weir uses Hadid and Yassine Rahal’s long limbs stretched against and ever-expanding skyline. Weir’s full-length portraits in this fall 2018 campaign promote an anthem of freedom and personality.

That said; freedom and personality have always been touchstones of Missoni’s signature DNA. Where can you find more personality and freedom than in Missoni’s mélange and assemblage of color, texture, and fabrications?

This fall 2018 campaign is an invitation to compose, superimpose, and deliberately interpret the extraordinary craftsmanship, finishings, and details of a collection rich in creations and variations; shades and patterns, and weights and textures. This campaign also conjures up images of that unique mix of bohemian culture and current-day coolness. (Imagine the offspring of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, maybe Zoe Kravitz, seen through the lens of modern chicness and inclusivity.)

                                        All images courtesy of C&M Media

Missoni’s fall 2018 collection is a series of patchwork designs, mesh fabrics, fringe details, jacquards inspired by the coats of wild animals, and streaked and spotted capes reference multiethnic costumes, urban graffiti, the colors of Africa and Jamaica. And this Missoni fall 2018 campaign emphasizes a style that morphs into an unmistakable expression of energy and singularity against the immense backdrop of clear blue skies.   —William S. Gooch

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