David Hart Men’s Spring 2019

In his spring 2019 collection, David Hart proves that everything old is new again. Looking to the menswear from the early 1970s, David Hart created a collection that was heavily influenced by that era of men’s fashion seen through a modern lens of what would appeal to American male consumers.

Hart’s love affair with early 70s was made evident in wider pant legs, large jacket lapels, and sport coats that used more luxurious, brocaded fabrications. Perhaps, Hart was influenced by some of the menswear trends he saw during men’s fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris where some menswear designer opted out of the street wear craze in favor of softer tailoring using more luxurious fabrics.

Hart, has always been known for his suiting with many of his collections being inspired by references to great men’s suiting styles of the 20th Century—the Miami nightlife scene of the late 50s, the Havana 60s nightclub scene, and the 50s Beatnik scene which was influenced by French new wave cinema. That said; this current alternative European menswear scene with a concentration on softer tailoring fits perfectly into Hart’s design point of view.

Thinking about what men were wearing during the Watergate crisis, Hart relied heavily on patterned suits with wide lapels, colorful knit polo shirts, and suede boots in this outing. And though this collection did somewhat appear as an homage to the early 70s suiting styles, Hart did modernize this collection by adding in colored patterns and bold color combinations that even the most fashionable man of the early 70s would not dare sport.

With masculine norms relaxing, Hart can find an audience for the bold patterns and color palettes used in this collection. However, modern male consumers don’t often like to look back at fashion, unless a retrospective style assemblage has something new to say. Unfortunately, Hart’s spring 2019 collection, though bold in its color choices, does not speak a new language to modern male consumers. And that is the one drawback to this collection.

                                  Images courtesy of David Hart/Agentry PR

Still, a lot of can said for Hart’s fine tailoring technique and his love affair with suiting, no matter the era. In that respect, this collection is a winner!!—William S. Gooch

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