Angelys Balek Resort 2018

“There is no greater romance in life than an adventure with art,”, says Angelys Balek. There are many pathways to tranquility, and fashion designer Angelys Balek finds balance in glamour and confidence. Balek’s hybridization of nature, art and fashion helps women embrace individualism as they join the #ABWorld. And as Miami Swimweek 2018 has come to an end, Fashion Reverie felt an inclusion of Balek’s 2018 resort collection would be a delectable appetizer for our viewers.

Summer is a time for love and romance. Balek’s signature prints are inspired by nature, incorporating striking textures and geometric prints that are perfect, playful pieces for summer 2018. Her resort 2018 collection has a unique artistic approach to athleisure. Taking on a new adventure, Balek bridges her love of gowns for the red carpet and ready-to-wear pieces for street style in a resort collection that incorporates all of these first loves. Designed with the naturalistic woman in mind, Balek embraces microcosm, regarded as a world in miniature.

Balek gives reference to the late 60s era with her design aesthetic and silhouettes in this resort 2018 collection. Though the bikini was first introduced in the 1946, Brigitte Bardot made the two-piece swimwear popular in the late 50s and early 60s. This two-piece innovation quickly became popular in 1960s youth culture, The Mod Movement. The bikini than became the number one trend by all popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions. And for Balek, the bikini is a main focus of her 2018 resort collection.

                                           Images courtesy of Angelys Balek

Balek’s spring/summer 2018 resort collection consists of a technicolor palette that relates back to the flora and fauna of summer. In her runway, red carpet and street wear Balek is known for her signature nature-inspired prints, and sculptural details. By pairing her signature looks with complex shapes and nature-inspired prints, Balek’s first-ever activewear line proves that the simplicity found in life will forever be her first love.—Courtney Wilkins

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