Reconstruct Men’s Spring 2019

Suiting up was once the classic standard for gentleman, but now it’s all about sporting up. The five women of Amsterdam-based Reconstruct Collective found the fusion between avant-grade and sportswear for their spring/summer 2019 collection, creating a sporty collection very much for the new age.

The opening look included two models walking hand-in-hand in a black Siamese twin shirt, black shorts, sneakers, and glitter sunglasses. The theme of the collection was retrograde orbit, and this look was something from another world almost, as it was based on a fictional planet the designers imagined called Planet Re-4. Technical details were all key here.

The designers reconstructed sporty pieces, like tank tops that were decorated with the Re-4 logo, and nylon pants were bedazzled with extra drawstrings. Nylon panels were fused on wide leg pants for a futuristic effect and cropped hoodies were deconstructed to be reconstructed giving a type of “Mad Max” and “Star Wars” effect. Waistbands also featured the Reconstruct logo, tapping into the trend of logo embellishment.

It was very difficult to know what to expect next, but the overall collection was cohesive. The sense of neo-futurism permeated throughout the collection with shiny grey fabric choices, reminiscent of space suits. Though the silhouettes were non-traditional, the designers used the unfamiliar silhouettes as truly an exercise in where they could go next. While the color palette included grey, silver, blue, there were additional color palettes that included pink, blue, and orange, with the orange garments being reminiscent of NASA astronaut suits.

On trend and in the spirit of futurism, many of the designs looked genderless. While the idea of genderless fashion is just in its infancy, reconstructed nylon jackets, wide leg trousers, and space age outerwear spoke to gender fluidity. On Planet Re-4 it is all just clothes.

                                    Images courtesy of Dan Ashby/Firstview

To the cheers of the crowd, Reconstruct’s New York Fashion Week: Men’s debut proved to be a success. This was far from a typical fashion show, but a refreshing turn in a new direction for something that hadn’t been seen before at NYFWM. Where will the collective take us next?—Kristopher Fraser

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