Feng Chen Wang Men’s Spring 2019

Feng Chen Wang’s men’s spring 2019 is an editors and stylist’s dream. For the most part, the men’s spring 2019 collections were lackluster, with so many brands attempting to stay relevant by presenting collections that were extremely consumer friendly with very little panache and charm.

There were a few exceptions—Nick Graham, Romeo Hunte, Alessandro Tricone, Carlos Campos, and DYNE. Not surprisingly, Feng Chen Wang continues to push the proverbial fashion envelope for menswear. This season, Wang was inspired by the other half. The other half being one’s other half or the other half of a career or is the other half something else.

This other half reference was made evident in garments that exposed half of a shoulder or half of the body. This was particularly effective in shirts and outerwear.

Half was Feng Chen Wang’s word of the season, appearing in text on baseball caps, but in less literal ways too—throughout the collection, two items of clothing merge to become one. Shirts are draped on top of one another, while jackets, created as part of Wang’s ongoing collaboration with Levi’s, are layered too. Jeans have additional legs melded to them and the shoes—an iteration of Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylor All Star—see two pairs cut up and spliced together.

There was also the introduction of the micro-short shorts for men, an interesting expansion. Super short shorts for men hasn’t appeared in fashion since the `80s. And though this was a surprising addition in this collection, Wang pulled it off with characteristic fashionable aplomb.

These designs are accompanied by some new additions to Wang’s oeuvre, such as suits and shirts, in addition to new outerwear styles, such as trench coats and tee shirts with panel details. Bags and jewelry take the form of hands, some holding hands—a universal signifier of connection—while a sculpture constructed from multiple hands stands erect in the center of the show space. Spring 2019 also sees the introduction of the Feng Chen Wang women.

This season, Wang was particularly inspired by diagrams mapping the increase and decrease in temperature throughout the human body as we experience different emotions. While love warms us all over, depression cools us, and anger ignites our head, upper chest and arms. Wang explores this phenomenon through PVC body pieces that refer to different emotions and the area they heat, and in hyper-color—style coats that also serve to illustrate this effect.

                                  Images courtesy of Gerardo Somoza/Purple PR

Alongside neutral tones, black, white and grey, crystal-­inspired shades of hot pink and cool blue flow throughout the collection, symbolizing love and hate, happiness and sadness, day and night, summer and winter. It is the Feng Chen Wang yin and yang.—William S. Gooch

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