DYNE Men’s Spring 2019

DYNE creative director Christopher Bevans looked to the future and the rugged terrain of the Pacific Northwest for inspiration for his spring 2019 collection. “Paying homage to the beautiful yet rugged landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, DYNE’s connection is not only to the modern technological world but also to the natural world in which we all must coexist,” said Creative Director Christopher Bevans.

For the past several years, Bevans has established DYNE as a men’s street wear brand that relays heavily on an urban aesthetic paired with European luxury fabrics from Switzerland and Italy. This season was no exception in that respect. What was more obvious in this spring 2019 collection is that Bevans has finally found his groove, designing a collection that not only espouses an ever-evolving street wear aesthetic, but also is commercially sound without losing its edge or design point of view.

Unlike some previous collections, with the right marketing, this spring 2019 collection could appeal to a much wider demographic. And though this collection is solidly placed in the Generation X and millennial market, there were some pieces in this collection that could appeal to male consumers that are a bit older; particularly several outerwear garments.

Other key elements in this collection include a blend of luxury color-blocked cross functional pieces, cargo utility pants with bonded reflective overlay details, and embedded NFC chips within the garments for an accelerated checkout experience. The color palette was a mix of bright poppy red, maritime blue, charcoal and sleek onyx on silhouettes that were futuristic, yet functional. The collection also featured up-cycled synthetic materials, which are more sustainable than newly produced synthetics.

                                       Images courtesy of Christopher Callaway

This dystopian-projected, active wear was sponsored by partnership with Google Cloud and Bemis Associates. And Chika Chan of Make-up Pro and Joseph Dimaggio for Davines North America made the dystopian projection evident with makeup effects that help forward the futuristic nomadic inspiration.—William S. Gooch

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