Romeo Hunte Men’s Spring 2019

Romeo Hunte continues to make a name for himself on the New York fashion landscape. For spring 2019, Romeo Hunte threw a lot of current trends and references to`80s street wear into the proverbial fashion melting pot. Some of the mix of trends worked, some, not so well.

Early on in the spring 2019 outing it was clear that Romeo Hunte was concentrating mostly on light spring outerwear paired with his penchant for high-end street wear undergarments. While this could have been in interesting combination—and for some of the looks in this collection the pairing did work, while other pairings were questionable—overall this effect produced a collection that slightly disjointed. Still, this spring 2019 collection was a powerful reflection of where Hunte is attempting to push his design aesthetic.

Hunte ingeniously re-imagined neoprene from diving suits and camo prints on bombers as fashionable, urban spring outerwear. Hunte even included a few women’s looks in the collection. And though the women’s looks were an interesting addition, having so few women’s look—about three looks—rendered this injection of feminine silhouettes a distraction rather than a welcomed inclusive expansion.

What can be said about this collection is Hunte’s ability to inject a youthful charm into a collection that could have been dark and somber, which is sometimes what happens in collections that are heavily influenced by street wear culture. Hunte should consider a much better venue next season where editors and industry professionals are afforded the comfort and respect they deserve. (Never underestimate fashion editors’ ability to strike back when they are not treated well.)

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That said; Romeo Hunte’s men’s spring 2019 was one of the better shows/presentations during NYFW: Men’s (NYFWM) spring 2019 season. And although that is a good thing for Hunte, it is also a sad commentary of how NYFM, which once had such hope for American menswear brands, has declined.Come on CFDA, do whatever you have to do to get more energy and investment in NYFWM. The industry needs it!!

—William S. Gooch

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