Ricardo Seco Men’s Spring 2019

The devil is in the details, or in this case the divinity is in the details. For his spring/summer 2019 collection, Ricardo Seco looked to his home country of Mexico for inspiration, as he traditionally has, but this time he dug a little deeper than obvious Mexican references. The 1968 Summer Olympics was the source of inspiration for Seco’s spring 2019 men’s collection evidenced by the shorts and bright-patterned leggings which conjured up images of color themes and design aesthetics of the `68 Summer Olympics.

This collection was Seco’s perspective on competitive sportswear as a modern fashion choice. With its maximalist approach and luxury athleisure aesthetic, Seco’s spring 2019 collection reflects fashion’s current penchant for luxury streetwear. Seco also drew inspiration from the Mexican creatives that had a big influence of the `68 Olympics that took place in Mexico City.

Architect Pedro Ramirez Vásquez who brought together Eduardo Terrazas of New York, Pratt Institute grad Lance Wyman, and Peter Murdoch drew inspiration from Mexico’s indigenous Huichol thread craft culture to create the images and designs of the 1968 Olympics, bridging the gap between traditional and modern Mexico. The indigenous Huichol culture would be the inspiration for Seco’s 2015 Dreams collection, from which this spring 2019 collection was also built.

Variations of the Huichol culture appeared on t-shirts and bombers in black and white. The repetitions of stripes and optical illusions were an essential part of this collection. While the collection was modern, Seco worked to ensure that every garment was imbued with his Mexican roots. Huichol’s textile culture is often known for its brightly colored patterns, which was reflective in Seco’s color palette of black, white, green, red, and pink.

50 years ago, Vásquez, Terrazas, and Wyman came together to create the “La Ruta de la Amistad,” which still exist today. The sculptures, like Seco’s spring 2018 collection, are representative of the Mexican diaspora.

                                   Images courtesy of Paula Rosado PR

Today’s modern fashion man has an awareness of the world. He isn’t insular, he isn’t afraid of color, and he can go from sport to street with ease. And Ricardo Seco’s spring 2019 collection aptly reflected that fluidity.—Kristopher Fraser

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