Nick Graham Men’s Spring 2019

Nick Graham always puts on a good show. Whether it is a runway show that pays homage to tropical birds, hot Havana nights, Apollo 13 or a host of other reference points, Nick Graham every season finds a way to show his signature sporty suits in the best light, as well as entertain the audience.

And that is a good thing!! Particularly in a spring 2019 season that was short on great menswear collections.

Because of the defection of so many American menswear brands from the New York Fashion Week: Men’s (NYFWM) season—Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, John Varvatos, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, and others have jumped ship—NYFWM is trying to survive on emerging menswear designers and the occasional off-shore menswear brand that is trying to get traction in the US.

Nick Graham has stayed true to his American customer and his niche of sporty men’s suits. He has always stayed loyal to NYFWM. Still, Graham recognizes that his penchant for great sports suiting is not enough, particularly, for younger male consumers. And he did something about that this season.

Inspired by the year 1969, Graham sought to draw from iconic moments that happened in that year. “1969 was one of most transformational years in our history, a year that had not only the first landing on the Moon by Apollo 11 and hosted Woodstock, both pretty pivotal events in our culture.” Graham explained.

Graham gave references to astronauts, hippy flower children as expressed in his Woodstock reference, and laid-back, late 1960s Los Angeles style. And true to form, Nick Graham made all these 1969 references somehow work for his design aesthetic.

Interestingly, Graham also found an ingenious way of tying in 60s cultural references with fashion trends that are now popular. Logo embellishment is huge right now and Graham incorporated logos into this collection with his brand name emblazoned on hoodies and sweatshirts, still, not garish, but tastefully done.

To much industry fanfare, the street wear aesthetic has been embraced by most of the men’s European luxury houses for spring 2019. Again, Graham brilliantly tapped into this trend by marrying sports jackets with hoodies, classic sneakers, and jogging pants.

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By pairing his signature look with the continuing trends of logo embellishment and street wear; Graham is proving that he knows how to gallop with the big boys. And if he continues on this current trajectory, he may surpass them.—William S. Gooch

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