New York Fashion Week: Men’s Spring 2019 Pre-coverage

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It is that time again. Well, it will soon be. New York Fashion Week: Men’s (NYFWM) spring 2019 is just around the corner and New York City gets ready for the onslaught of fashion industry professionals and fashionistos who anticipate the collections from some of the best menswear designers in the industry.Interestingly, with all the excitement there is one hitch. Similar to last season, many well-known American menswear designers will be absent from the roster for the spring 2019 season. NYFWM, in this iteration, was created to attract top American menswear designers to fashion week in New York City. And it worked for the first couple of seasons. Tommy Hilfiger showed, Michael Bastian, John Varvatos, and Calvin Klein followed suit. Add to that Nautica, Perry Ellis, and Hugo Boss.

Unfortunately, it was a brief shining moment, and in recent seasons the major menswear designers have all defected or in some cases returned to the European shows where there is better press, venues, and better markets. The CFDA has tried to make up for the lack of household names by inviting designers from the West Coast, and even China, but without major corporate sponsorship, NYFWM continues to flounder.

                  Todd Snyder spring 2018 images courtesy of

Still, there is some hope. And Fashion Reverie is loyal. There are some American designers that have stayed the course—Parke and Ronen, Carlos Campos, Willy Chavarria, Nick Graham, Landlord, David Hart, DYNE, and Todd Snyder, to name a few—and Fashion Reverie celebrates them. Newcomers this season include HBNS, Limitato, Alessandro Trincone, Sundae School, NIHL, Swonne, and Reconstruct. New York Fashion Week: Men’s spring 2019 takes place July 9-11.

—William S. Gooch


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