Fashion Tea with Kristopher: June 2018


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Would you care for earl grey or English breakfast? There’s a fresh pot of fashion tea to be had for sure. Fashion Reverie is pleased to invite you to the tearoom during this hot summer. As usual, the tea is hot and spicy!!

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Item 1: A top luxury brand known for dressing major celebrities is currently so broke that one of their high level executives can’t afford to hire an assistant. You would think given the exorbitant costs of their garments, they could at least cover an entry-level assistant’s salary, but money is tight. It’s been suspected they might even try and sell the company. Here’s to hoping a savior with some deep pockets bails them out.

Item 2:

A notable fashion publicist has been caught pilfering clothes from his clients to sell to consignment shops. Now there is no such thing as enough money in New York City, but there are less messy ways to make some extra cash. Like they say in Sweeney Todd “Times is hard.”

Item 3:

Hearts broke around the industry when news that Andy Warhol’s legendary Interview Magazine was closing. However, it looks like the magazine will relaunch under Crystal Ball Media, a new holding company formed by Interview’s president Kelly Brant and Jason Nikic, who was Interview’s chief revenue officer. Kelly is the daughter of Interview’s former owner and publisher, billionaire Peter Brant Sr. Nick Haramis will continue on as the publication’s editor-in-chief, and Rihanna’s stylist, Mel Ottenberg, will be the new creative director. The only question is, with the amount of money Interview owes to unpaid freelancers and creditors, how is this not illegal? Such is the world of bankruptcy law.

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Item 4:New York Fashion Week: Men’s is just around the corner—July 9–11—and there appears to be a dearth of big name designers this season, yet again. Hugo Boss, Nautica, Calvin Klein’s Men, John Varvatos, Tommy Hilfiger Men’s, Tom Ford, and a host of other menswear designers are nowhere to be found, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

A representative for CFDA has been attempting to court member designers to show, but it has worked to no avail. A former member of their Incubator Program, who is now designing abroad, shamelessly turned him down.

Is the end of NYFW: Men’s right around the corner? Maybe, things do not look so bright. Oh, the shame of it all!!

—Kristopher Fraser

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