Fashion News Alert: Gwyneth Paltrow x Lily Pulitzer, Ariana Grande’s New Fragrance, Popsugar Sued, and India’s Labor Issues Continue

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There has been much in the news about Ariana Grande’s recent engagement to Pete Davidson. Still, Grande is making news in other genres.

Grande’s recently announced that she has a new fragrance that will be released in the fall. In partnership with Luxe Brands, Clouds “is a joyful, new creation inspired by optimism and hope.” The perfume features top notes of lavender blossom, pear and bergamot, before opening into a heart of crème de coconut, praline and vanilla orchid. “I love clouds, and I love this new fragrance,” said Grande in a statement in a recent article. “It is my favorite one yet!”

Grande has had a slew of fragrances in partnership with Luxe Brands—”Moonlight”, a sweet and fruity scent; “Sweet Like Candy,” a sugary combination of berries, vanilla, marshmallow and precious woods, and a unisex fragrance, “Frankie by Ariana Grande.” “Each of Ariana’s fragrances continues to surpass expectations, simply defying the trajectory of celebrity fragrances,” said Joel Ronkin, CEO of LUXE Brands. “This is a true testament to her ability to connect with her fans and her incredible passion to deliver a superior fragrance for them.”

“Clouds” will hit Ulta Beauty Stores in the US and Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, as well as on in the fall of 2018.

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Gwyneth Paltrow expands

Gwyneth Paltrow has moved beyond being only an A-list film actress. Some years back, Paltrow founded the modern lifestyle magazine, Goop. Soon after, the brand’s clothing line, G. Label, launched.

Now G. Label is collaborating on a five-piece capsule collection with iconic brand Lily Pulitzer designed by Paltrow herself. For this capsule collection, Paltrow drew inspiration from the legendary photography of 1960s, Slim Aarons. Aarons gained popularity in the 60s taking photographs of Vanderbilt and Rockefeller women.

“I felt so inspired looking through Slim Aarons’ photos of these glamorous, elegant women dressed in Lilly Pulitzer. The opportunity to revisit that aesthetic has been a lot of fun,” said Paltrow in a news statement.

The five-piece capsule collection will include a pink large floral print entitled “Kiss Kiss” created by Paltrow and Lily Pulitzer Executive Vice President of Product Design and Development, Mira Fain. The five pieces showcasing the print are a silk maxi dress, a stretch shift dress, a cotton blouse, a maxi skirt from the Lilly Pulitzer archives and a tote bag.

The five-piece collection is now on sale at Lily Pulitzer stores and available on online. The Goop x Lily Pulitzer collection ranges in price from $90 for the tote to $400 for the silk maxi dress.

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Popsugar stealth

Los Angeles–based social media influencer Nita Batra is suing fashion and lifestyle site, Popsugar for $5 million dollars, claiming that the site used her proprietary images without her permission. Batra has over 215,000 followers on Instagram.

Filed in California federal court earlier in the week, Batra purports that Popsugar “decided to capitalize on the influencers’ social media following by copying and posting thousands of influencers’ Instagram images [and their bio info] on its own website without authorization.” Batra’s social media images were originally linked to LikeItKnowIt, a platform that pays influencers royalties when their followers make a purchase through their images.

Batra contends that Popsugar posted her images, removing the original links, and replacing Batra’s links with its own affiliate links to ShopStyle, a competing platform that Popsugar owned at the time. By doing this, Popsugar reaped financial benefits without Batra’s permission, diverting financial benefits from Batra. Batra believes this a standard practice employed by Popsugar, Batra hopes to persuade other influencers to engage in a class action lawsuit against Popsugar.

Though Popsugar has not responded to the lawsuit filing, Batra alleges that when she confronted Popsugar CEO Brian Sugar, she was informed that the posts where only to be for internal use and that wider publication was a mistake.

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India’s labor challenges

Though there has been a lot of global initiatives bringing lots of attention to labor issues in India’s over-saturated garment manufacturing sector, little has been done to correct the labor issues. International agencies believed that if workers were able to speak about labor abuses, things would change; unfortunately, that has not happened. So, the question is if this attention was just window dressing or an impetus for real change?

“The organizations are violating the rules of the mechanisms they created by not taking time bound action against complaints that come up,” said S. James Victor, director of Serene Secular Social Service Society, which works to empower garment workers. “They are far removed from ground reality. The fact is that every day a worker continues to face workplace harassment in the spinning mills and garment factories of Tamil Nadu.”

The US–based Social Accountability International (SAI) agency introduced voluntary labor practices a few years back after the Rama factory fire. And though some Indian garment factories have received SAI certifications, the voluntary labor practices are rarely followed.

“Workers are being victimized, harassed and managements are literally going after them for raising any complaint,” said Sujata Mody of the Garment and Fashion Workers Union, which has about 3,000 active members. And when workers issue complaints, organizations like Britain’s Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) are slow to respond with no concrete plans to address complaints.

—William S. Gooch

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